Best Bike Locks – Expert Guide To Ensure Your Bike Security

Bike theft is more of a reality that riders should protect themselves against, rather than some rare incidents which authorities should take care of.

Regardless of the continent or country we speak of, bike theft is a widespread issue with a significant impact on citizen’s lives.

Using a bike to travel around a big city or a countryside should be rewarded it’s clean, green, and great for your body but some people decide that these bikes are easy targets for thefts.

However, there are so many bike lock types on the market! So, it may be hard to select the best bike lock that is serving your purposes and serving the best combination of price and quality. Here is a couple of bike locks you may like.

Best Bike Lock Reviews

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Bike Lock

This bike lock represents a perfect mixture of design and simplicity precisely what a modern active personality appreciates in accessories. Its black and yellow color looks elegant and stylish, with no unnecessary extras.

The u-shape of the lock allows secure locking of your bike’s frame and rear wheel to a safe, fixed holder and leaving it without concerns. So be it a quick stop for a couple of minutes or an overnight stay of your bike in a public place, it will be fully protected.

The package you get is the lock itself and three keys to it. One also equipped with an LED bulb great assistance in cases when you unlock the bike in darkness.

The main feature distinguishing the model is its 18 mm hardened steel shackle due to which the lock is impressively secure. Other benefits you might like are the hardened steel sleeve on the crossbar and the double deadbolts making the lock literally invincible.

A fancy cylinder is effectively protected by the sliding dust cover. This composition and form of the lock make it your mighty protector from bolt cutters and leverage attacks. As its name suggests, the lock can withstand even fierce attacks of thieves in high-crime areas like New York, which was repeatedly proven in practice by the Kryptonite founders.

Using this lock, you will always be confident that your bike’s intact, which is a must in the highly insecure urban environment.

Schlage 999478 High Security Chain with Cinch Ring

Security chains are another option for locking your bike securely, besides traditional u-locks or anchor locks. It offers considerable security due to its extended 5-inch chain and 12 mm thickness of heat-treated manganese steel links.

Such composition gives the chain outstanding protective power, while the design with cinch ring allows greater flexibility in use and customized length adjustments. Those who need higher protection or longer locks may use several chains combined into one.

However, it is also noteworthy that the chain itself is not a complete security package; it may be used only for secure fastening of the bike to some fixed object.

For locking the bike to it, you’ll still have to buy an additional padlock. Its solid form and great bike protection enable the item’s flawless work even in high-risk locations, as it is able to withstand the action of bolt cutters, saws, and even hammers.

The item is easy to use, which makes it truly user-friendly, while the protective nylon cover protects its appealing look and durability.

What is more, the producer is so sure in its operation that it gives a lifetime warranty for the chain. Having such a device will relieve you from stress and anxiety about your bike, other vehicles, or equipment that you might need to store in the open space, especially if you reside in a high-crime area or attend such locations.

Bike Lock Cable, UShake 6-Feet Bike Cable

The length of this cable is 6 feet, which allows you to achieve maximum secure fastening of your bike’s frame, rear wheel, and even front wheel.

The cable’s 1/2 inch thickness and enhancement of the cable with protective PVC coating enhanced security and impressive protective power in cases of bolt cutter or leverage attacks.

A great perk for users not favoring keys or fearing their loss is the ability to lock the cable with a resettable combination password a convenient keyless solution.

The combination may be easily and quickly changed, so any of your family members may use the lock with his or her password.

Additional benefits include the solid Zinc alloy lock cylinder and a lock plug with ATV shell excellent lock construction solutions for more exceptional durability and reliability of the item. Thus, it is a highly recommended product for users wishing to find a confident security solution for their bikes storage in public places.

A very economical variant for bike lovers on a budget. The cable lock is universal and can be used for safekeeping of any of your vehicles, such as bikes or skateboards, and will also come in handy in the household for ladder and toolbox fixing, fastening a fence or a grill, and many other purposes you might imagine.

Select the bike lock wisely, especially if you live in the high-crime neighborhood. This way, you will always rest assured that your bike is intact.

You will always be able to have a cup of coffee or a snack without staring at the bike through the window, and will travel to studies and work on a bike without fearing to leave it in the street without supervision.

Kryptonite Keeper 785 Integrated Bicycle Lock

First off, the lock is a chain lock, meaning that it’s an actual chain wrapped inside a nylon sleeve. Being a chain, it’s certainly more mobile than other locking mechanisms such as U-locks, and can easily be tied to a wide range of things such as trees, fences, or dedicated bike parking.

The chain inside the sleeve is made of 7mm four-sided links made of steel, which are almost impossible to break using standard tools. For city bike users, it will do the trick 99.99% of the time since you only have to make sure that your bike lock is stronger than the one on the bike near yours.

Furthermore, the lock has eliminated some critical vulnerability around the deadbolt, and also feature a high-security disk-style cylinder for locking and unlocking. Bike locks are most commonly broken at their locking mechanism, so an extra secure one here surely makes the difference.

The durable sleeve on the exterior of the chain prevents scratches and can easily withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Measuring 33.5” (or 85 cm), the chain is also long enough to allow easy and sometimes creative locking.

With a weight of merely under 3 pounds, we can safely say that the Kryptonite Keeper 785 is an excellent bike lock when it comes to price and performance ratio. It’s very close to the absolute top performers in the business, without making you spend a great deal of money.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit 1410 Bicycle Chain Lock

Kicking it up a notch, the same company produces a better chain lock, build on the same idea just much, much more resistant. Sure, it might be overkill for day-to-day city use to spend $115 on a bike chain, but the value of the bike usually dictates the value of the chain.

If you plan to use your $3000 bike to go on a cross-country trip, is it really that much to spend $100 on a lock?

We think it’s not, especially if we’re talking about this particular bike lock. The chain links are six-sided and made from 14mm hardened steel, for the best protection available on the market.

The nylon cover is durable and flexible at the same time, with hook-n-loop fasteners to hold it in place. The chain ends with the New York Disc Lock, a 15mm Steel Shackle which is virtually unbreakable. Moreover, the chain also comes with three stainless steel keys, one of which features a high-intensity bulb with a replaceable battery.

Measuring 3.25′ (100 cm) in length, the chain is long enough to secure even the most massive bikes on the market, and can easily be used in less-ideal situations, like around a tree or a larger pole.

The shackle has a diameter of 15mm, making it slightly harder to use than average, but all for added protection. Bear in mind though: this lock weighs a whopping 9.92 pounds. It’s not light; it’s not very flexible and no easy task carrying around. But if you need a heavy duty lock that really can’t be broken without power tools or a lot of time, you can’t go wrong with this one.

OnGuard Pitbull STD U-Lock

Moving away from traditional chain locks, we will now take a look at one of the best u lock for bikes in the market. Being a U-lock, it is naturally less flexible than a chain.

Frankly, you might have some problems trying to use it around any other things than traffic signs and bicycle parking areas, so it might not be the best for long rides across the countryside. But when it comes to bike security around the city, it gets the job done.

It features a newly designed X4P locking mechanism for better security, as well as a TriRadius steel shackle with several locking options. Like most other U-locks, it’s easier to use and carry around than a typical bike chain, occupying less space in your bag.

It can even be used in combination with a cheaper bike chain in order to tie your bike to other things, due to the high security that it offers.

Measuring 4.3 x 9.1 x 1.6 inches, it isn’t unusually large or heavy (3.6 pounds), but is noticeable when lying in your bag. It does get the job done, though: your bike will be safe, and this lock won’t be broken, except in extreme cases. When it comes to security/money ratio, it doesn’t really get any better than this.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Bike Lock

The countermeasure is obvious: securing your bike with a lock. But how do you find the cheap bike locks?

First, it is a small and convenient appliance that you can take anywhere, as it is fixed to the bike frame even when it’s out of use. Second, despite its small size, it is a tangible assure of your bike’s integrity.

When it comes to the picking the best lightweight bike lock, it all boils down to two things: how valuable your bike is and how much are you willing to spend on a quality lock.

Depending on the two answers, you can go ahead and pick any of the three locks presented in this article: you will not be wrong. They’re all heavy, secure and top-notch products that can hold their ground against a lot of things which a thief can throw at them, and your bike will undoubtedly be one of the most secure ones around.

Best Bike Lock

The other decision between a bicycle chain or a U-lock all boils down to personal preference and where you use your bike the most: inside the city or outside it.

Many people prefer using bikes in the city because they help to sidestep traffic and are a lot faster to move. After acquiring a bicycle the chances are that you will use it for an extended period unless it breaks down or unfortunately gets stolen.

It’s true that a significant fraction of bike owners come back to the spot they parked their bike only to find that it’s already missing.

For this reason, it’s worth investing in a lock that provides maximum security at all times. If you are wondering how to pick a bike lock than the hints below will help you make a prudent decision.

Reflect Brand

The first thing you need put into consideration when ordering a lock for your bike is the brand of the lock. Picking a well-known name is the best way to value for money. High-end labels are famous for making locks that will serve you for a long time without replacement.

Picking a top mountain bike lock is not a simple task because many different brands are accessible in the market. If you wish to end up taking the ideal brand then you must scout as well as do your market research.

Check Cost

Next, you need to have in mind the price of the bike lock you wish to purchase. Experts suggest that you should never use more than a tenth of your bike’s value.

If you break the rule then the chances are that you will be working at a loss. After doing a thorough research, you will come across lots of high-quality bike locks that are reasonably priced. A decent lock deserves your money, time and effort because it will help you to sidestep the frustration of having a piece of all of your bike go missing.

Purpose of Use

Furthermore, when hunting for a bike lock, you need to choose one that will secure your bike lock as you wish. If you fail to contemplate the purpose of a lock then you will end up wasting your funds on one that won’t serve you suitably.

For instance, if you are visiting a theft prone area avoid locks with thin cables since they can be instantly cut with a bolt cutter. Instead, buy a steel U-lock because it provides extra security by locking down the rear wheel around your frame or a pole.

Level of Protection

Another issue that you need to keep in mind is the degree of safety that the lock gives. Gone are the heydays when you had to purchase a lock that could be quickly picked or damaged. Thus, when choosing a bike lock make sure that you go for one made from high-end materials and provides the highest measure of security.

Since different manufacturers use numerous materials you need to spend your time to discover one that will keep your bike safe. Gold rated locks are the most difficult for thieves to breach.

Additional Keys

It’s also critical to settle on a lock with extra keys. Think of it this way. You lose your keys after locking your bike and you are miles away from the horn. If you come down in favor of a lock with more openers, you can still open your bike lock and progress home without much struggle.

It’s suggested that you go for a bike lock that has more than two other openers. With added keys then you won’t have to worry about losing the keys to your bike lock unexpectedly.

Deliberate Weight

It’s a no-brainer that you will be carrying your bike lock with you whenever you move. If it’s heavy, the chances are that you will have to pedal harder because it will add weight to the bike. It’s true that a heavier bike lock will provide increased security.

If you have to travel with your lock constantly then it’s worth buying one with a mounting bracket. On the flipside, if you have panniers then it will be less critical. So select a lightweight bike lock that provides topmost protection.

Declining to go for a lock that will give your bike top security may cost your bike as it will be exposed to anti theft. Buying a bike lock may not look like a big deal, but lots of effort should be put towards it.

Bottom Line

We’ve had our fair share of experiences with everything from cheap locks to expensive ones produced by anonymous companies, top companies and everything in between.

We all want our bikes to be secure, and leaving your favorite vehicle in a public place unattended is always risky. To make sure your property is shielded from thieves while you are doing the shopping or having a cup of coffee, acquiring a bike lock is a wise decision.

As you can see, the choice of bike locks is indeed impressive. There are many types thereof, and the choice of the best bike lock is definitely the matter of your individual preferences.

Criteria to consider in the process of selection include the lock’s safety and security ranking, the cable’s thickness and composition of the lock, its length, and the quality of the locking mechanism.

Happy Cycling!

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