List Of Raleigh Bike Models

A model of raleigh bike

When it comes to bikes, anyone who is anyone has ridden a Raleigh… These bikes range from the iconic to the practically unheard of. One thing is for sure though, each model has its own unique features. Note: Current models highlighted in bold. Models: Road/Racing Criterium (United Kingdom) Maverick Militis Revenio Pioneer Clubman (USA) Grand … Read more

Raleigh Bikes RX 2.0 Cyclocross Bike Review

raleigh rx 2.0 review

Whether it’s your first, second or third time, getting a new bike can be a puzzling instance and usually comes with a whole lot of questions. Before everything else, the first question to ask yourself would be, what are you planning to do with your bike? Adventuring and racing would call for every unique model. … Read more

Raleigh Bikes Clubman Road Bike Review

raleigh clubman review

The Raleigh Clubman road bike, part of their Road -series, provides all the endurance you will ever need. For those who are just getting into road biking, training for their very first ride or even experienced riders, this road bike has the perfect balance between efficiency and comfort. The Raleigh Bikes Clubman Bike can be … Read more

Raleigh Bikes Merit 1 Endurance Road Bike Review

raleigh merit 1 review

Are you ready to hit the road? Raleigh’s Merit 1 is the ultimate entry-level endurance road bike that is ideal for commuting, hiking or riding with a group around town. Raleigh Bikes Merit 1 has been designed with a 6061 aluminum fork and an alloy SPF fork that makes it the ideal bike to take … Read more

Raleigh Redux 1 Urban Assault Bike Review

Raleigh Redux 1 Review-min

Looking for an ultimate urban commuter with a revolutionary mountain bike look? Raleigh Redux 1 might just be the ride you’re looking for. It’s a multifunctional hybrid that rides fast, clean, and in style. The Raleigh Redux 1 Urban bike comes robust to handle the rigors of street riding and lightweight to take the strain out … Read more

Raleigh Circa 1 Comfort Bike Review

Raleigh Circa 1 Comfort Bike

Have you heard that bike riding is not only a great form of exercise but also an incredible way of making sure that you reduce your carbon footprint? The thing is, not all bikes are right for you. You need to get a comfortable and affordable bike. You want one specifically designed for leisure riding … Read more

Raleigh Cadent 2 Urban Fitness Bike Review

Raleigh Cadent 2 Urban Fitness Bike Review

Raleigh Cadent 2 Urban Fitness bike is specially designed for mid-level fitness and is part of Raleigh Cadent 2 Urban fitness line. It is ideal for riding through the city while attending work or riding down the local greenway. They are modified for comfortable and quick rides supported by the availability of 700c wheels with … Read more

Raleigh Cadent 1 Urban Fitness Bike Review

Raleigh Cadent 1 Urban Fitness Bike Review

The Raleigh Cadent 1 Urban Fitness Bike is a sturdy creation for cyclists with practical needs. Do you want something that can handle daily commutes in the city as well as dirt roads and rocky trails? Then, this might be your ride. To decide whether this Raleigh Cadent 1 Urban Fitness Bike is for you, … Read more

Raleigh Tekoa Mountain Bike Reviews

Raleigh Tekoa Mountain Bike Review

Do you want to ride comfortably and go far with much ease? You can consider the Raleigh Bikes Tekoa Mountain Bike. It’s the best companion for your fitness because it offers the efficiency of a bike. With the comfort of upright geometry, Raleigh Tekoa Mountain Bike¬†will ease the strain on your back and neck. It … Read more

Raleigh Detour 1 Comfort Bike Review

Raleigh Detour 1 Comfort Bike Review

Are you looking for a serious cruiser that still guarantees comfort all the way you ride? The Detour 1 step Thru comfort bike promises a remarkable city riding experience. This is the kind of stylish bike that comes equipped with serious features to meet all your city cycling needs. Its unique design seamlessly fuses style, … Read more

Raleigh Tokul 1 Mountain Bike Review

Raleigh Tokul 1 Mountain Bike

I love riding on two wheels be it to work, Sunday brunch, or a mountain racing with my buddies. As an active person, I needed a bike that could keep up with the lifestyle I had in mind. To be honest I was nearly giving up my search for the appropriate bike until a friend … Read more

Raleigh Eva 2 Review – Best Women’s Bikes for Beginners

Raleigh Eva 2 Review

Are you a beginner in bike riding? Are you a frustrated individual in the sense that you can’t seem to find a perfect bike for you? Well, fear not. Am going to help you find the fit for you and beginners like you. This is my best area of interest when it comes to outdoor … Read more

Raleigh Venture 3.0 Comfort Bike Review

Raleigh Venture 3.0 Comfort Bike Review

Remember a time when the only girl specific bikes were pink and had a basket on them? Or remember being a bit older and wanting a high-performance bike but having to settle with a men’s or unisex model? Over the last few years, bike manufacturers are seeing the need to make bikes for female riders. … Read more

Raleigh Talus 2 Mountain Bike Review

Raleigh Talus 2 Mountain Bike Review

The Raleigh Talus 2 mountain bike is all about the real fun on two wheels. It features a strong aluminum frame which is ready to cruise. This Raleigh Talus 2 mountain bike has a Suntour suspension fork and burly 27.5-inch wheels which takes care of every pothole and bump on your way. Besides, the reliable … Read more

Raleigh Tokul 2 Mountain Bike Review

Raleigh Tokul 2 Mountain Bike Review

If you’ve secured your bike to any ordinary bike rack in the past then you have probably seen a Raleigh mountain bike or street bike before. There’s a reason why Raleigh has been such a trustworthy name in cycling over the years. The company makes its bicycles with the highest standards in mind and has … Read more

Raleigh Tokul 3 Mountain Bike Review

Raleigh Bikes Tokul 3 Mountain Bike

Biking is fun especially if you have the right bike for the terrain you are covering. A while back, I took my old bike for a ride on a rocky trail thinking that it is my skill set that is needed and that the bike does not matter as long as it is in good … Read more