Trifox Bike Hub M827 Review

There are plenty of hubs available when it comes to mountain bikes. They come in different varieties and prices which can often be befuddling for the buyers. And amongst that, Trifox Bike Hub for MTB is a name that often comes up.

But do you know what makes a bike hub worth spending for and does it make any significant difference? If not, this guide has got you covered. 

In this article, we will be reviewing the Trifox Bike Hub M827 for MTB along with covering some basics about bike hubs for MTB.

Before we hop onto Trifox Bike Hub’s review, let us learn some basics about bike hubs.

What exactly is a bike hub?

A bike hub is the central part of your MTB’s wheel, both front and rear and it helps the wheel to spin freely as it connects to the bike’s wheels’ rim through the spokes where the axle is fitted.

The front hub of the bike is meant to let the wheel to spin while the rear hub is responsible for the bike’s transmission. The cassette/ sprocket that drives the rear wheel is appended to the rear hub which lets you to freewheel.

What should you look for while buying a hub for mountain bikes?

Now that you know that a bike hub is imperative for your mountain bike, picking the best one can be a bit of a task. Hence, you must keep a couple of things in your mind to pick the best one for you.

  • Bearings:

Your hub will either come with a cup and cone angular contact bearing or a sealer cartridge bearing. 

Cup and Cone Angular Bearings:

The cup and cone angular bearings use loose ball bearings that are in a cup within the hub and are held together by a cone. As and when the wheel spins, the balls move freely. They are a great pick when lubricated regularly and are cheap to maintain. 

Also, the load is distributed in an even manner and these bearings can handle radial (up and down) and axial (side) loads in a much easier manner. 

Sealer Cartridge Bearings:

Cartridge bearings are packed into a single sealed unit, which implies that they are much easier to replace and do not need any adjustments. However, servicing them can be a bit tricky. Also, they are even cheaper as compared to the cup and cone angular bearings.

  • Material Used:

Majority of bike hubs for MTB are made using some kind of alloy, majorly carbon fibre as it is pretty light weight. The ones that are designed keeping in mind gravity riding might be made using steel so that your bike stays well-balanced. 

  • Axle and Spacing:

Axle standards are pretty much like technology, they are subject to constant change. As and when the newer ones are launched, they automatically gain all of the attention. A wider axle implies that the flanges on either side of the hub can be placed even further to improve the bracing angle and eventually the strength of the wheel.

The common mountain bike axle standards are:

Name Front Axle (LxB)Rear Axle (LxB)
Quick Release100mm x 9mm135mm x 10mm
Non-Boost Thru-Axle100mm x 15/20mm142mm x 12mm
Boost Thru-Axle110mm x 15/20mm148mm x 12mm
Superboost Thru-Axle110mm x 15/20mm157mm x 12mm
  • Freehub:

The style of your freehub body relies upon the kind of drivetrain and cassette you have. In the last few years, SRAM made a switch to one piece cassettes for their 11 and 12-speed drivetrains and needs an XD driver.

And with Shimano’s 12-speed drivetrain, it also launched Micro-Spine freehub. But, if you are still using the 10 or 11-speed Shimano drivetrain, the standard HG style freehub body is what you must go for.

  • Rotor Mount:

Bike hubs usually have a six-bolt or a centre-lock mouth for disc rotors. There is absolutely no significant difference when it comes to the weight of either one of them, anyway.

Well, by now you must have mastered the basics of bike hubs. Let us finally talk about the Trifox Bike Hub M827 for MTB.

About Trifox:

Jeff and Johnny ventured into the bike industry in the year 2008 and took their love for cycling to a whole new level. And with ample amounts of hard work, research, trials and errors, they have become a pioneer in carbon cycling. 

Their mission is to provide the masses with a healthy lifestyle through their impressive carbon cycles. Along with cycles, they also sell auxiliary products such as frames, wheel-sets. Hubs, spoke and nipple, fork, hangers and so on. 

They have been an industry leader for quite awhile now and with the launch of the Trifox Bike Hub M827, they have gained quite a traction. But, is it really worth the hype? 

Trifox Bike Hub M827 Review:

The Trifox Bike Hub M827 lives upto the hype, in our opinion. It is a pretty reliable choice for mountain bikers and has a stellar performance despite being super light weight.

This bike hub for MTB is made using light weight aluminium alloy that offers durability in the long run. The front hub weighs around 165g, the rear hub weighs around 315g while the quick release skewer weighs around 92g. 

The Trifox Bike Hub M827 is a popular choice amongst the mountain bikers due to its lightweight construction and robust power transfer which helps the bikers to build their wheelset easily from the scratch.

Not just that, the best part about the Trifox Bike Hub M827 is that they can seamlessly make switches from one freehub body to another, making it easier for the riders to change the hubs and cassettes without the need of any advanced tools.

Moreover, the no-tool design concept of this bike hub provides riders with the solace of switching drivetrains with an ease. 

Specifications of the Trifox Bike Hub M827 for MTB:

Product NameBike Hub M827
TypeMTB Hub
StyleQuick Release
MaterialAL6061 + 7075
BearingsFront 2 Bearings
Rear 4 Bearing
Spoke Hole32H
ColourRed, Black, Blue, Purple, Multicolour
OLDFront 9*100mm
Rear 10*135mm
Hub TakiSHIMANO/SRAM HG 8/9/10/115
CompatibilitySRAM XD 115/ SHIMANO MS 125
WeightFront Hub – 165g
Rear Hub – 314g
Quick Release Skewer – 92g
Package Content1 x Front Wheel Hub
1 X Rear Wheel Hub
1 X Front Quick Release Skewer
1 X Rear Quick Release Skewer

In our opinion, we would surely give a thumbs up to the Trifox M827 Bike Hub for MTB. It serves as the perfect hub for mountain bikes and delivers a robust performance without breaking the bank.

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