How Bamboobee’s BIY Kit Is Leading The Race

Building your own bike is the perfect way to get a form of transport that’s completely you in every way. You’ll be able to create something that fits your style, ethics, and budget – as well as having a fun project to take part in.

If you’ve considered building your own bike, you’ve probably taken a look around the web to discover where you can buy ‘build your own bike’ kits, how much they cost, and what they contain. You’ll, therefore, know that there are several options open to you when shopping online mountain bike.

But you’re probably wondering what makes Bamboobee’s BIY Bamboo Bike Kit stand out and why it’s leading the race against its competitors.

How Bamboobee's BIY Kit Is Leading The Race

Why Is Bamboobee BIY The Superior Bike Kit?

We get that we aren’t the only supplier of building your own bike kits in the world – but we believe we’re the best. And not just for one reason – we have a whole host of reasons to share with you that may help you see how we’re the best choice. Let’s jump right into it!

Firstly, By Buying a Bamboobee BIY Bike

You’re making a green, environmentally friendly choice that you can feel good about. Bamboobee BIY bike kits are made from sustainable materials – primarily bamboo. Bamboo is a renewable resource that only takes between one and five years to grow. So by harvesting it, farmers are not contributing to deforestation as they would be by cutting down oak trees for example.

Additionally, bamboo is more capable of absorbing greenhouse gases than other trees. It can absorb carbon dioxide while also releasing up to 35 percent more oxygen than other trees you would find in a forest. The result is a cleaner, fresher atmosphere to enjoy.

Another plus is the fact bamboo does not require any chemicals to be grown – such as herbicides or chemical fertilizer. When you consider the fact plants such as cotton are covered in chemicals as they grow (which can harm the air and soil around them), it’s clear that this isn’t great for the environment. Yet bamboo essentially takes care of itself and doesn’t need any of these to grow healthily and in abundance.

Finally, bamboo produces a minimal amount of waste. Almost all of the bamboo plant can be used in the construction of various products, meaning not of it is being grown purely to go to waste.

The resulting material is so versatile, it can be used for furniture, decor – even buildings, as well as parts of the plant, being perfect for adding to mulch to help enrich the soil ready for new growth.

Bamboobee Bikes Are Easier To Put Together Than Their Competitors

With Bamboobee build your own bike kits, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never built anything before in your life! It’s so simple, that the BIY 2.0 bike, in particular, can be assembled and ready for use in as little as five hours!

We’ve put our knowledge and customer feedback into action for the newer models to solve any issues that were had in the original, making the 2.0 easier than ever to build.

Our Bikes Are Also More Affordable Than You Might Have Expected

A bike kit that’s sustainable, customizable and awesome in style? That must cost a fortune, right? Actually, that’s where you’re wrong!

While many bike kits are on the more expensive side, our Bamboobee bike kits start at only $209 for the original Build Your Own Bike kit – or just $249 for the new and improved BIY 2.0 model.

But don’t worry – we haven’t sacrificed quality for these low prices. It’s simply that we understand the importance of value and don’t wish to overcharge! These surprisingly affordable bamboo bicycles are easier on your wallet than competitors and can be bought online and shipped worldwide.

We’ve Been Awarded a Number Of Accolades For Our Renowned BIY Bike Kits

Not to brag, but we’re not the only ones who see the brilliance in our designs. We’ve been given several awards for our work and are regularly featured in high profile publications. We have won recognition from:

  • The Taipei Cycle D&I Awards
  • BBC Autos
  • The Core 77 Design Awards

As well as being featured in Inhabitat, Design Book, The Guardian and the BBC to name a few!

We’re proud of these endorsements and it’s a clear sign we’re the favored BIY bike kit manufacturer of many people around the world.

And Finally, Let’s Face It – Our Bamboo Bikes Will Always Stand Out In a Crowd

Think about it – how many bamboo bikes do you see on the road, or even at a parking point? While they’re definitely awesome, they’re still pretty rare – so be someone who sets the trends rather than following them and makes a statement with a bike that’s unique, stylish and eco-friendly too!

Not only is the bike itself individual, you can customize it even more with accessories – and that’s actually one more reason to consider a bamboo bicycle!

Our range of add-ons and accessories includes:

  • Additional bicycle parts such as saddles, pedals and technical essentials.
  • A classic wooden crate to bring vintage style to your green, sustainable bike.
  • An electric bike kit for those who want to boost their bike’s power and buzz around at higher speeds.
  • Stylish upgraded accessories in classic leather including a saddle, grips and saddle bag.

Using those, you can create a bike that’s completely unique and perfectly reflects your sense of style.

So considering all the points above, why wouldn’t you consider buying your bike from Bamboobee? We really are leading the way when it comes to building your own bike, so order your kit today and give us a try! We know you won’t regret it.

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