Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes – Top Options Reviewed

Whether you are a cycling avid, a beginner in the cycling game or just another outdoor enthusiast, hardtail mountain bikes are an excellent choice for biking especially for beginners.

Hardtail mountain bikes are characterized by a single suspension on the front wheel and a hardtail rear. This differs from the full suspension mountain bikes which have fitted suspensions on both wheels.

Hardtail mountain bikes have many advantages over their full suspension counterparts including more straightforward an easily repairable builds, lighter bodies, and more friendlier price tags.

While many brands offer high-quality hardtail bikes, here are among the best makes for you to choose from for the best value for your money.

If there’s one thing most mountain bikers would agree on, it’s that the hardtail bikes make maintenance a breeze and they reduce the margin of error when riding.

So let’s cut through the fluff, here are top hardtails that’d actually make you go oho!

Gear Guide: What to Look For Hardtail Mountain Bike

If you’re in the process of shopping for a brand new cheap mountain bike, you’ll have to decide whether you’re interested in a hardtail mountain bike or a full suspension mountain bike.

If you’re unsure, which type of mountain bike will best suit your skill level and individual preferences, simply continue reading to discover some of the distinct advantages of opting for a hardtail mountain bike.

Generally, if you’re new to mountain biking and are more used to traditional cycling or looking for a bike which you can jump with, you can’t go wrong choosing a hardtail mountain bike.

Which one should you want?

Do you want to get the best hardtail mountain bike of your dreams? Then you can bet this article has got you covered.

Hardtail bikes are quite popular for their solid frames, no rear shock and presence of a suspension fork on the front.

But they’ve evolved over the years, the head tubes have gotten more flexible, the chainstays are now shorter and there are a lot of new and exciting features.

Feature one: Lightweight Frames

In general hardtail bikes are significantly lighter than a full suspension bike. So if you’re a beginner or intermediate mountain biker, you’ll find a hardtail bike, much more comfortable to lift and control than a full suspension bike.

If money is no object, you may be interested in a top of the line hardtail bike, which is approximately 1 kg lighter than an entry-level model. As a bonus, it’s far easier to build acceleration on a bike, which boasts a lightweight frame.

Feature two: Wide Tires

If you’re looking for a hardtail mountain bike model that offers excellent traction, you can’t go wrong opting for a bike which offers wide tires.

As an example, BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B model boasts MAXXIS 27.5*2.10 65psi tire which will ensure that you stay on track during your rides and will make it easier for you to land jumps.

If you’re a beginner, wide tires are useful as they provide you with extra grip and prevent you from slipping and sliding around. While if you’re an advanced mountain biker, having wide tires will help you land death-defying aerial tricks.

Feature Three: Slacker Head Angles

Purchasing a mountain bike which boasts slacker head angles, allows you to confidentially take on sharp corners at speed, without having to slow down.

So if you’re a self-confessed speed demon who dreams of hurtling yourself up and down your local mountain bike tracks as fast as possible, it’s well worth opting for a hardtail bike which features slacker head angles.

One example of a popular model which offers slacker head angles is Norco’s Fluid, which also happens to boast wide tires.

Feature Four: Hydraulic Brakes

Hydraulic brakes use brake fluid which usually contains either glycol or diethylene to transfer pressure from your mountain bike’s controlling mechanism to its breaking mechanism.

If you’re looking for a bike which boasts the most advanced hi-tech brakes on the market, opt for a hardtail mountain bike which offers Shimano branded hydraulic brakes.

Remember that it’s not wise to skimp on quality when it comes to your brakes if you plan on hurtling yourself down steep mountain bike tracks.

As hardtail mountain bikes lack full suspension it’s crucial to choose a hardtail mountain bike which boasts trail-optimized geometry. Which will dramatically increase the stability of your ride?

Better yet, bikes which boast trail-optimized geometry, are designed to provide stability and responsiveness in all seasons.

So if you plan on biking throughout winter, when tracks tend to be covered with dew, it’s well worth keeping this feature in mind.

An example of a bike which boasts trail-optimized geometry is the Farley by Trek.

Whether you’re a beginner who’s looking for a stable ride or an advanced mountain biker who is looking for a mountain bike which provides traction, acceleration, and stability, it’s well worth opting for a hardtail bike over a full suspension bike.

If you need assistance choosing a hardtail bike, simply refer back to this handy article, before you head out on a shopping trip and you’ll be sure to choose a high-quality model.

Top 7 Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Diamondback Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike

If you’re looking for the affordable mountain bike on a budget, this is something you’d like.

Who Should Buy This Bike?

Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike perfect for entry-level bikers and other cycling enthusiasts. You can have a feel of what mountain biking is like, but this time without having to spend so much.

Who Should Not Bother About This Bike?

City dwellers may want to ignore this one as they’d be riding mostly on well-paved roads. The Diamondback works on these city roads but it provides a rough ride because of its thicker tires and shorter frames. You should rather get something that requires less pedaling for these areas.

It has a Rockshox XC 30 TK suspension fork with 100 mm of travel. There’s a 29-inch butted 6061-T6 Aluminum frame that contributes to the overall 29.5-pound weight of the bike.

The 29-inch wheel bike has 2×10 shifters, sporting front, and rear derailleurs also. This hardtail bike is very portable, its lightweight aluminum frame and custom made tubing being responsible for that.

There are four different sizes for different rider heights so you wouldn’t get something that affects your posture.

The heavy wheels are made to withstand any harsh impact that may occur if you tumble. The suspension fork gives you lots of control, a surprising feature considering the price.

The bike ships ready to ride and you only need to install the pedals and front wheel. It takes around 15 minutes to get all of these installed.


  • Its wide tires are perfect for the uneven surfaces of the mountain
  • The gear shifters on this bike are smooth and responsive


  • The suspension fork has to be constantly cleaned to deliver at an optimum level
  • The saddle wasn’t made with high-quality materials so you might consider replacing it.

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BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike

There are too many bikes on the market, the BEIOU piece is one of them, but it’s not for everybody. Let’s get to the first question…

Who Should Get This Bike?

This bike is just perfect for new riders. If you’re a novice biker, this piece makes you feel in complete control. And that’s a good feeling when riding through those rough surfaces.

When riding on such an uneven ground for the first time, things can look like they’re moving too fast. If you’re not steady in good time, you can tumble.

But even if you fall, the solid frame on this bike is strong enough to take the hit without breaking. And it’s not just for novices, professionals would love this one when training too.

It has a carbon fiber frame made of Toray T800 carbon fiber, with a tensile strength of 500kgf/mm2. It features a hardtail suspension system. The bike offers a 30-speed system that uses a Shimano gear. There’s a UDING DH32 /27.5-inch Air Suspension Fork.

It also sports a Hydraulic Dual disc brake system that uses the Shimano M355 technology. It’s available in two different sizes. The first comes with a 17-inch frame and a 275-inch wheel frame. The second bike has a 19-inch frame and a 29-inch wheel frame.


Its great grip makes it very comfortable to ride on

  • The brake system enables you to apply the stop feature smoothly and quickly
  • The carbon fiber design gives it a sleek and simple design


  • There’s an average suspension fork on the bike.

It’s easy to say that the BEIOU carbon fiber bike is one of the best things that’s happened to the cycling industry, but without proof all that’s hard to believe. Now you’ve got proof.

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Raleigh Bikes Talus 2 Mountain Bike

This is another hardtail bike, but this time with a lightweight aluminum frame and a great suspension fork.

Any Important Things to Note?

Yeah, look at some of them. The bike would be shipped partially assembled so you don’t have to worry about starting all over again.

The process of assembling the bike is a smooth one as you’d get instructions from the Manufacturer’s desk and there are also tons of resources online to guide you. But you can give it to your local bike shop if it’s proving difficult.

There’s a lightweight aluminum frame to deal with the uneven surface of the mountains. The Shimano shifters provide up to 21 different gear choices, allowing for a good gear shifting. The bike has very responsive brakes that provide control over speed.

It has an Aluminum 6061 frame and a Suntour M3010 27.5-inch suspension fork. It features 660mm wide bars with a stem made of forged aluminum. There’s also a 21-speed system on this piece. It sports a 27.5-inch wheel and 2-inch wide tires.

There are four different sizes for different height ranges so you’d get something that makes you comfortable. The derailleur helps for a smooth movement of the chain between the sprockets.


  • The tires are tough, on and off the road and look great also
  • The packaging comes in good shape and it normally takes less than 30 minutes to get done with assembling.


  • You’d want to get a new set of pedals as the plastic pedals on this piece aren’t durable.

This may not be the most expensive bike out there but this hardtail piece sure does deliver great value for the money.

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Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike

The Merax Finiss is an entry level bike from Merax which looks as good it sounds. The sleekly designed mountain bike boasts a sturdy, lightweight aluminum build and dazzling graphics to top it off.

The beast spots 26-inch double wall wheels with aluminum rims and solid disc brakes on each wheel. The bike also comes fitted with 21-speed derailleurs and gear shifters that are also worth your attention.

The most striking feature of the Merax Finiss, however, is the pocket-friendly price. If the price tag doesn’t knock your socks off, you probably aren’t wearing any.

Shimano EF51 21 speed gear shifter with Shimano RD TZ-50 and FD TZ-30 rear and front derailleurs respectively for navigating various terrain. Steel suspension fork with 80mm travel to ensure control in even in the roughest terrain.


  • Heat treated 6061 aluminum frame that is both strong and lightweight.
  • Mechanical brake discs with Shimano brake levers.


  • The only downside to the Merax finiss is that it comes in only one size that may not fit all.

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Diamond Bicycle’s Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike

Spotting a relatively budget-friendly price tag of about 500 dollars, the Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike is a top choice for anyone looking for a quality hardtail bicycle that will get the job the done.

The bike spots an aluminum build with 27.5-inch wheels and a 24-speed changer. If that’s not enough, then maybe ultra power disc brakes and the four-inch suspension fork will have you satisfied.

The rugged 27.5″ wheels are designed to efficiently grip slippery or rocky terrain that you may encounter on your nature trails.

A Suntour SR XCT 27 spring coil fork boasting 80mm of travel. This Effectively absorbs shock and impact, especially in rough terrain. Shimano 3 by 8 drivetrain paired with Suntour XCT cranks to offer up to 24 speeds and swift changing between gears. They are especially crucial in tackling hilly trails and smoothing down the slopes of the same hills.

All this in a sleek aluminum build with incredible graphics to draw a stare or two from envious onlookers. A unique handbuilt 6061-T6 aluminum alloy frame for that good mountain bike feel.


  • 27.5″ Wheels that roll smoothly and have unmatched traction
  • Tekto Aires disc brakes with 160 mm rotors for instant braking at even high speeds

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Raleigh Bike Women’s Eva 3 Mountain Bike

If you thought hardcore mountain biking was only reserved for men, then think again. The Eva 3 mountain bike by Raleigh is a cycling masterpiece exclusively for women.

The beauty is engineered specifically to meet the comfort and fitting requirements for women and shred through any ground thrown at it.

Apart from that, the bike features 27.5-inch wheels and responsive disc brakes that allow the rider to stop on a dime.

The bikes come in a variety of sizes to accurately meet the user specifications. They are also easy to assemble and ready to go.

Custom butted AL-6061 aluminum frame geometrically designed for women. SR Suntour suspension fork with 75mm travel for smooth cycling in bumpy grounds.

Again, the bike is strictly for women and no, men cannot ride the Eva 3 even if they wear skirts.


  • 27.5″ wheels that roll seamlessly
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes for braking in even the most wet weather-beaten terrain

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Diamondback Bicycle’s Sorrento Hardtail Mountain Bike

Another Diamondback bicycle makes its way into our list and all for the right reasons. The Diamondback Sorrento delivers similar if not better results than its counterpart the Diamondback Overdrive.

The bike is especially suited for casual day-to-day riding and mild use on rugged trails.

This MTB’s frame is made of lightweight heat treated aluminum. It also specs a pair of knobby 27.5″ wheels to smoothly roll through rough terrain and provide better traction for the wheels. Special heat-treated 6061-T6 aluminum frame with a replaceable derailleur hanger.

A bonus is the front and rear derailleurs which together offer a total of 21 different gear combos. Shimano 7-speed and 3-speed derailleurs at the rear and front respectively that offer 21 separate gear combination to allow smooth cycling even in rolling terrain.

The bikes are available in a variety of size and have a stunning finish as the icing on the cake.


  • The frame is both lightweight and durable
  • 27.5″ wheels that roll smoothly and have a good grip
  • Linear pull brakes conveniently placed to enable simple braking and quick stopping
  • Shimano gear shifters for rapid and reliable shifting

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Vital Skills To Ride A Hardtail Mountain Bike Faster

Final Verdict

In finality, the bike of your choice depends on what you need the bike to do for you. For the more casual riders, I would recommend the Merax Finiss which is suitable for occasional day-to-day rides but may not fare well when used in rough trails.

The Diamondback Overdrive and Sorrento are excellent entry level mountain bikes for the beginner cyclist. Not only can it handle rugged terrains better than the Merax Finiss but also has a bunch of bonus features like the extra gears and derailleurs for example.

If your biking prowess is more along the lines of professional, or you deem yourself ready for the big leagues, then a hardtail mountain bike might not be for you. We will keep you posted on the best full suspension mountain bikes you could try out.

The best budget bike is definitely the Diamondback as it provides the sort of quality that can only be rivaled by the more expensive bikes.

If you’re looking for something that’s suitable for even professional practice, you should check out the BEIOU Carbon Fiber bike.

So if you’re looking for the cheap hardtail mountain bike, you now have a good guide to help you.