Best Mountain Bikes Under $200 In-Depth Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing a mountain bike for under 200 bucks is a rewarding experience. The new machine gives you the ultimate freedom to hit the terrains and travel around the city in style for a cheap price.

In the past cheap had a bad rep within the mountain biking community. Fortunately, top mountain bikes manufacturers have started designing affordable and top-notch bikes which anyone can afford.

We will, therefore, explore the best mountain bikes under $200 to enable you to pick your best bet. These mountain bikes are carefully crafted, reliable, quick in speed, sturdy, long lasting, and ergonomic.

Top 5 Best Mountain Bikes Under $200 [Comparision]

More interestingly, these bikes are sure to withstand rocks, washouts, logs, and mud without breaking. Such mountain bikes are always deemed costly, but we are here to assist you to get a great deal. Does this sound exciting? Just continue reading in-depth reviews and buying a guide.

Roadmaster Granite Peak 26″ Men’s Mountain Bike

The Roadmaster Mountain Bike is a top-notch all-year round mountain bike which easily withstands rugged and unpaved paths. This Mountain Bike is also an excellent choice if you want a bike for cruising through the streets of your neighborhood.

Specifications Overview:

  • Have a padded seat
  • Have 26 inches wheels
  • Features alloy-made rims
  • Features a 3-piece crank
  • Boasts an all-steel frame
  • The mountain bike weighs 38.6 lbs
  • The bike’s handlebar is made of steel
  • The bike boasts 18-speed gear shifters
  • Its front fork features shock absorbers
  • Features smooth gearing and powerful brakes

One of the most crucial features of a beginner mountain bike is smooth gearing. If you ride a mountain bike which needs all your willpower to switch gears, you’ll surely hate the experience.

But with the Roadmaster Granite Peak, you don’t have to worry about such a tiresome experience. The mountain bike is equipped with convenient SRAM drive twist shifters that enable you to switch gears quickly.

Also, the mountain bike features powerful linear-pull brakes that guarantee ultra-powered braking ability. You surely don’t want to cruise down a steep hill at high speed without the ability to stop efficiently. Do you? The Roadmaster Granite Peak, therefore, puts your safety requirements at the forefront!

The 26-inch mountain bike for men boasts a suspension fork which smoothes the unpaved path ahead of you. The front fork can absorb the shock which you may encounter on the roughest terrains.

Your safety is well taken care of by the manufacturer. High-end treads are crafted on the tires which offer you superior grip on any wet, dry, or dusty surface.


  • Sturdy
  • Provides smooth ride
  • Features excellent suspension
  • Assembling the bike is just a breeze
  • Ideal for use on well-paved roads and also off road
  • Comes with a pocket-friendly price but is of high quality


  • Brakes require regular adjustment

What Is Our Final Verdict?

Roadmaster granite is a top-of-the-range mountain bike suitable for men who are cycling enthusiasts. This bike is perfect for both off-road and on-road riding excursions because of its excellent maneuverability features thanks to its innovative craftsmanship.

So, if you are looking for an affordable mountain bike without sacrificing the quality, Roadmaster Granite Peak is undoubtedly your best choice.

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Merax 26″ Dual Disc Brakes 21 Speed Hardtail Mountain Bike

Merax 26 inch hardtail mountain bike is manufactured using high quality and heat treated aluminum frame. It can provide around 21-speed control system. This bike is lightweight and has a weight capacity of as much as 330 pounds.

But for excellent performance, ensure that you don’t load the mountain bike beyond 220 lbs. This is undoubtedly one of the ideal beginner mountain bikes you can purchase within your tight budget.

Specifications Overview:

  • Weighs 46 lbs
  • Boasts steel kickstand
  • With a Frame size of 16.5.”
  • Comes with dual disc brakes
  • Features a steel-made frame
  • Features dual aluminum rim wheels
  • Have a mountain bike suspension fork
  • With a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs

Speed is one of the most important factors you consider when buying a hardtail mountain bike. It is therefore crucial that you look for a mountain bike that can offer you a wide variety of speed options so that you can choose your comfortable speed with ease.

This bike has around 21 possible speed control which you may shift and adjust into. The mountain bike makes use of Shimano components to make this happen.

The bike features 80mm suspension fork which offers smoother rides while improving control over the bike in heavy terrain and bumpy road. Its front suspension provides support to the upper arm. On the other hand, the back suspension provides support to the lower body part of the mountain bike.

When purchasing a mountain bike, you also need to consider the safety measures attached as you scale through your speed limits. Merax Hardtail guarantees safety by use of Shimano components for both its back and front, rear disc brakes. This provides a stronger stopping power especially when you’re at high speed.


  • Affordable Price
  • Have an ergonomic look
  • Lightweight Aluminum Rims and flames
  • Features Dual Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Assembling the bike is just a piece of cake


  • Its plastic water bottle holder has a cheap look

Here’s Our Final Verdict

Merax bike is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to try trail riding. This bike features all the great features of more costly mountain bikes, all at a very affordable price.

Are you a novice rider and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a mountain bike? If yes, Merax Hardtail Mountain Bike has got your back.

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26 Inch Schwinn Sidewinder Women’s Mountain Bike

Schwinn Sidewinder bike is the most modern invention in the market for mountain bikes. The bike features a hard-tail frame and an excellent choice of steel or aluminum. It is a fully loaded suspension mountain bike with an active link suspension system.

Specifications Overview:

  • Have 26” wheels
  • Gearing has 21 speeds
  • Boasts Steel handlebars
  • Features a steel-made mountain frame
  • Have alloy rims which are very light and durable
  • Have suspension fork for controlled riding and safety
  • Have Quick- release saddle for simple height adjustment
  • Measures 67.5” in length, 24.5” in Width, and 41” in height

Top quality gear and brake are essential for making easy and quick gear changes. With the high-quality gears and brakes on this bike, you can enjoy a smooth pedaling and ride throughout your excursion. You can also stop your bike whenever needed because of the high-quality front and rear alloy brakes.

Control handling is possible on this mountain bike thanks to Suntour suspension fork. Precise shifting is also practicable on this mountain bike because of the Shimano rear derailleur availability. It is also easy to adjust the bike pedal because of the fast release saddle.

Schwinn Sidewinder for women is constructed with a steel frame. This bike also features aluminum alloy suspension that absorbs shock from terrain efficiently. Materials used for making this mountain bike are not prone to rust. With a weight of as little as 41 pounds, you can handle this bicycle with ease.


  • Provides wide gear range;
  • Have sturdy rear and front brakes;
  • Suspension fork assists to offer smooth bumps
  • With 21 speed Shimano, you can adjust gears with ease
  • Features aluminum mountain frame geometry for easier control


  • Standard pedals assembly needed

If you are really passionate about riding a mountain bike, Schwann Sidewinder bike for women comes with everything you’re looking for in a bike. The well-crafted frame of this bicycle is long-lasting and highly agile thanks to the patented Schwinn frame. Buy one today and thank us later.

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Stowabike 26″ Folding Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

The mountain bike comes with top-quality components from Shimano including a dual suspension system. This perfectly combines performance and aesthetic look. Its tough exterior is both foldable and long-lasting.

If you fold the frame, your bicycle will fit almost anywhere. You can also take this mountain bike anywhere you desire.

Specifications Overview:

  • Weighs 36 lbs
  • Simple and easy assembly
  • Have 18 number of Speeds
  • Features full-size 26” wheels
  • Boasts Alloy body spring shock
  • Measures 39″ by 35″ by 23.5″ while folder
  • Stowabike folding frame is made of steel
  • Features zoom steel suspension 26-inch fork
  • Have Microshift six-speed grip right shifter and three-speed grip left shifter

The Stowabike Folding Dual Suspension bike is one of the few bicycles whose frame is constructed from the heavy steel material. Steel is popular because of its high-quality and durability. Its unparalleled strength allows riders with various weights to ride this bicycle comfortably even on rough roads.

The mountain bike also comes with Shimano 18 speed gear shifters to make sure that its performance matches the speeds of the bicycle. It is just a breeze to shift these gears depending on the road surface that customizes your cycling in all types of terrain.

Folding flame is one of the few characteristics that set this bicycle apart from the rest of the crowd. The folding flame lets the mountain bike to be folded into two halves for enhancement of portability and the purpose of storage.

Folding slashes the space needed to store the mountain bike by half enabling you to store the bicycle anywhere in the house.


  • Features 18 Speed gear system
  • Have Full-size 26 inch wheels
  • Pocket-friendly with a price below $200
  • Assembling the bike is just a cup of tea
  • Features rear shocks which make riding comfortable
  • Economical because it’s easy to maintain and its spare parts are cheap


  • Wheels are hard to remove

What’s Our Verdict?

If you’re not a seasoned cyclist, and all you need is a mountain bike to cruise around on, then the Stowabike mountain bike could be your best choice.

The simplicity in which it maneuvers through heavy traffic makes it perfect for all on-road excursions. This bicycle is also convenient to the smallest spaces. What more would you ask for?

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Dynacraft Women’s 26″ Air Blast Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes for women are designed to fulfill the active lifestyle requirements of every woman. It should, therefore, be innovatively designed to match with the unique women’s shape to offer them the comfort they need when cycling.

Dynacraft Women’s Mountain bike features the state of the art craftsmanship ideal for women who love bike exercises. This bike features a shiny pink color and dual suspension forks which make it ideal for long distance and off-road riding.

Specifications Overview:

  • With rear and front v-brakes
  • Features quick release seat post
  • Features full suspension mountain bicycle frame
  • Have 21-speed index derailleur combined with Shimano grip shifters

The multiple and powerful gearing system of Dynacraft Mountain Bicycle lets girls and ladies deal with different terrains comfortably. So whether you want to cycle through the unfriendly terrains such as rocky, wet, dry, steep slope, hilly, stone-filled, rough, and much more, this bike is your best bet.

Dynacraft Women’s Mountain Bike boasts attractive white/pink color which is perfectly suitable for women and young girls alike. It also features deluxe paint blended with classy Dynacraft logo.

The 26-inch size incredible wheel enables you to get more speed with little effort. What’s more? The sturdy steel frame can withstand rough terrains without wearing out.

This dual-suspension bicycle features suspension in both the rear fork and in the front of the frame. The feature makes the mountain bike long lasting and powerful enough to handle the rough, smooth, or hilly trails and provides the cyclist with better handling even in the toughest terrain.


  • Assembly is such a snap
  • Available at a pocket-friendly price
  • Its front wheel is detachable to enhance portability
  • Multiple gearing systems enable you to ride uphill and flat areas
  • Features a sharp pink color which is sure to attract people’s attention


  • None

What’s Our Final Say?

The Dynacraft Women’s Air Blast Mountain Bicycle is an ideal multi-speed bike for young ladies. The innovative bike provides you with a comfortable and smooth riding performance.

Whether you need a bike for long-distance cycling or short distance trailing, this bike has got your back. With smart design and affordable price, this bicycle is perfect for women in search of a style.

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Buying Guide: How To Choose Best Mountain Bikes Under $200

As you’ve seen from our review, there’s no shortage of mountain bicycles in today’s market. So the worry is, which one should I purchase? What factors should I consider? Don’t worry anymore, that’s why we wrote this buyer’s guide to assist you in every step of your way.

Best Mountain Bikes Under 200 Dollars

Why Should You Choose Your Bike Carefully?

Mountain bicycles have amazingly evolved so quickly from the time they were first brought to the market that they presently have a vast range of innovative designs.

Some are specifically designed to cater for particular styles of riding, and specific terrains as well. Selecting the wrong bicycle can result in a discouraging riding experience in several ways.

Careful selection of a mountain bicycles also includes knowing a perfect size, and the components crucial to you when cycling. This will assist the bicycle to perform better, be more comfortable, and match your cycling preferences and style.

What You Should Consider When Buying a Mountain Bike

Wheel Size

Wheel size is a crucial aspect which needs to be considered when buying a mountain bike. Depending on the expected mode of use and the height of the intended rider, you might need to consider a smaller or a bigger machine.

As you have learned from the reviews above, mountain bikes under $200 are available in a vast variety of sizes. So be careful when choosing your perfect size to avoid frustrations.

Frame Size

One of the most crucial features of the frame is size. Frame size ensures a perfect fit while you are on the ride. You have already met mountain bikes with 26 inches, or 29-inch frame size on our reviews.

Such frame size fits a vast majority of riders, and that’s why it is the most preferred. It’s therefore very important that you look for the frame size that perfectly fits you before you buy a mountain bike.

Materials Used

You also need to know what the mountain bicycle is constructed of and the extent of wear and tear it can withstand. What is the need for saving your bucks on your purchase if the bike wears off shortly after purchase? That’s why you should ask about the materials used to build the frame.

You should also inquire about the quality of the other components including the suspension or the transmission system before you complete your purchase. Steel is considered durable and a high-quality material when it comes to mountain bike craftsmanship.

Final Verdict

There’s a broad variety of mountain bicycles available in the marketplace with lots of choices for wheel size, brakes, suspension, gearing, and much more. If you’re a cycling enthusiast, choosing the best mountain bike under $200 would have been a daunting task.

But we’ve simplified your work by preparing an in-depth review accompanied by a buying guide. We have considered various factors including suspension, budget, frame materials, wheel size, braking system, fit, gearing system and much more.

The mountain bikes we picked are carefully selected, and we are sure that they can provide you with maximum enjoyment, comfort, and satisfaction. So, if you’d like to have a wonderful cycling experience, just choose your best mountain bike under $200 from this list and thank us later.