Best Mountain Bike Pedals – 2019 Top Models Reviewed!

Are you a cyclist looking for affordable, durable, secure adjustable and replaceable mountain bike pedals? The clipless mountain bike pedals have the best pedals with all the desirable characteristics.

Mountain bikers would agree that pedals are crucial for a bike is essential for an unsullied, smooth ride, and this includes parts as basic as the bike’s pedals.

A good quality pedal creates a huge difference in one’s biking experience, and there are certain types that may work better than the others or may give you a different biking feel altogether.

After evaluating 9 of the most popular pedals, we have come up with our top five picks that you may want to check out when looking for one that would fit your bike and your personal needs as a biker.

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Best Mountain Bike Pedal Reviews 2019

Shimano A530 SPD Pedals

Changing pedals more often is one thing that most mechanics doesn’t like, yeah really, it’s tiresome and boring and we all know that!

If you want to minimize these repairs and stuff, then Shimano A530 SPD Pedals are here!

The right choice for you, most of the common features in pedals is that they are either one-sided or two-sided, for road and mountain interface respectively. With Shimano A530 SPD pedals, you are able to ride the trails to work. It has got steel spindles and cartridges that have been sealed to make you feel comfortable when riding. You should try this!

Furthermore, the pedals have an adjustable release, float, and entry, you size your height doesn’t matter anymore, you just adjust the pedals to fit your height and you are good to go. This feature gives it an upper hand compared to others, this is because most riders would go for something out don’t the entry.

It has a steel pedal with a weight averagely 380g, wow, this is incredible what else would you go for other than something light and original.

You don’t need to struggle with your weight plus the weight of the pedal, this pedal is so light, and your struggle will now be in your mass when riding a mountain bike. This is the perfect choice for cycling around the town in the evening after work when you are exhausted.

You can imagine having a busy day when you go home you try to get rid of the boredom by doing some rides around your compound with a bike that’s so heavy and has got heavy pedals, riding a few miles will be really a great problem, you don’t need to be frustrated and we have amazing pedals here that make riding easy and fun for you!

The pedals normally come with the one year warranty, in case you buy them you don’t need to worry about breakage or any damage on the pedals pads. You get a replacement ASAP!

Go for these, they are simply amazing.

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Race Face Chester Mountain Bike Pedal

The new Chester Mountain Bike Pedal manufactured by the race face is a bit of a unique pedal in the industry. It’s tough, it has got a large platform and also a hexagonal pin system for the stellar traction and grip.

These pads are manufactured using the nylon compound objects, to reduce the weight of the pedal. These pedals are extremely light! You should test them.

They have an average weight of about 340 g, this distinct feature has been a major point of sale, many riders always prefer something light that can be peddled around without straining, well, 340g only is here, your hardtail mountain bike will remain light and easy to peddle, try the new Chester mountain pedals.

The new Chester bushing and bearing system are superb!

They can be easily serviced, apart from that, the cro-mo axle is completely closed.

If you need pedals with a higher lifespan that can give you unlimited performance at an amazing price than trust me the new Chester pedals are a perfect choice for you. Their large platform has got an equal grip as the old traditional pedals that were made of alloys.

Another amazing thing about this pedals is the removable pins that are made of steel, they are made to be removable to allow a rider to easily service the pedals at any given time without looking for a mechanic or straining to dismantle the pedals in order to take them for repairs.

They are made of steel to make strong, durability is one very important factor anyone considers when purchasing any product, and Chester pedals are strong and extremely durable!

Apart from that, they can’t be affected by rust because of the steel substance in it.

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Shimano PD-M545 SPD Dual Platform Pedal

This kind of pad is just incredible. It is very unusual to encounter a type of a pedal that can perform more than one task.

Well, the M545 is one of a kind; its single sided and is a classical caged pedal. Many old foxes most likely doesn’t understand what this means, the second side of the M545 pedal.

Well, this makes it look like a pedal that cannot convince its mind. This sounds crazy I know!

The pedal gives a room for a rider to have double minds. One is paddling all through miles to work and the other being taking spins around your garden. With this pedals you can ride using your rubbers or any kind of sneakers, they are incredibly comfortable, that I can bet on it it’s so comfortable that you cannot get tired of paddling around. You can go for miles of rides as you can afford.

The M545 is made up of an incredible material; it’s made of anodized aluminum. It cannot be affected by rust even if it’s exposed to any amount of moisture, this feature can make your phone to remain beautiful for longer periods.

This pedal is light, approximately 852.7537 g, it’s so light that you can’t feel the weight when paddling around.

Another important feature is that the pedal is compatible with many of the bikes, you don’t need to struggle to find a pedal that fits your bike, M545 is compatible with your bike

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Shimano PD-MX80 Platform Pedals

Shimano PD-MX80 pedals are concave in shape which supports comfortable long riding and also ensures efficient pedaling. Each pedal has nine replaceable and adjustable pins that give the biker freedom to change height.

They have solid alloy bodies that help in absorbing park and DH abuse. Their open design helps in mud and debris clearance.

Pin adjustment Shimano PO-MX80 pedals have adjustable pin height. The pin threaded into the body can be threaded into a height depending on the traction needed. Shimano PO-MX80 pedals have washers, PO-MX80, that help in lowering the pins and also tuning pedals to your shoes and personal taste and preferences.

They have nine pins that tread into the low profile. The pins have durable axles and sealed cartridge bearing. This biking strength for the park and shuttle run after run.

Shimano PO-MX80 pedals have the most appropriate and reasonable size of 9/16 inches. This allows them to be used with a wide range of shoes and also increases portability.

The pedals can be used with multi-use bikes. These pedals are black in color thus easily cleanable. The black color also does not tarnish fast giving the pedals a good look for a long time.

With a weight of 1.4 pounds, the pedals are easily portable. Each pedal measures three by five by eight inches.

Shimano PO-MX80 pedals are made of quality material to increase durability. The pedals can be used comfortably on both rough terrains such as mountain trails and smooth terrains such as roads.

Firstly, identify the right and the left pedals. Secondly, heavily grease threads of both pedals. Thirdly, use your fingers to thread right side pedal into the right crank.

Then position on a flat surface for good mechanical advantage. Using the opposite hand as the lever, tighten the pedals.

Lastly, repeat the procedure to install the left side pedal. The installation process is easy making the Shimano PO-MX80 pedals some of the best clipless mountain bike pedals.

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VP Components VP-Vice Pedals

VP-vice pedals are affordable since they save the biker the cost of frequent replacement of pedals. They also have a very good grip thus supporting the biker and preventing them from bouncing off.

VP-Vice pedals are easily portable since they are very light. The axle and the bearing combine strength and durability with smooth running performance.

They have a low profile design which helps in increased stability. These pedals have sufficient pins and large surface area thus giving the biker freedom to choose from a wide range of squeaks.

The top and bottom of these pedals are the same therefore they can be used on both sides.

VP-vice pedals come in four different colors; grey, red, blue and black.

Their weight is convenient since they only weigh four hundred and sixty grams per pair. They are made of aluminum material. Each pedal measures 105 by 105 by 17mm. Their back is also easily replaceable.

These pedals most are convenient when used with the mountain bikes. The size is 9/16 inches. These pedals are mainly used for cycling sports.

Firstly, turn the wrench the right way to help loosen both pedals. Secondly, position the wrench alongside the crank arm for optimum leverage. Lastly, use a pedal wrench with a long handle, to wrench.

Grease the threads for installation. Distinguish between the right and the left pedals. Thirdly, insert the appropriate pedal into the right crank arm by hand turning the pedal axle towards the front of the bike. Lastly tread the pedals into the crank arm then tighten them using the pedal wrench.

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Crankbrothers Eggbeater 3 Pedals

One of the best clipless mountain bike pedals is the crank brothers egg beater. The pedals are amazing and pocket-friendly.

These pedals have a low profile which provides a powerful, effective and efficient pedal stroke. These pedals are also strong and stable due to their stainless body and spring with steel spindles.

The crank brothers pedals are light and therefore, easily portable. These pedals give the cyclist a customized fit for trail since they have a convenient release angle of about fifteen to twenty degrees.

The eggbeater design is easy to maintain and service since it sheds mud. Technical details Crank brothers eggbeater 3 pedals are more effective when used with triathlon bikes.

They only come in one color; blue. They weigh 280G per pair, thus they are easily portable. They are best suited for a mountain bike. These pedals have a dimension of 6 by 5 by 2 inches.

The wing is made of a stainless material; spindle is made Chromoly while the body is made of stainless steel.

Differentiate between the right and the left pedal. Grease the threads of both pedals for easier installation.

Using your hand install the left pedals into the left crank arm. Carefully engage the threads by turning the spindle several times. Continuously turn the spindle anticlockwise until the spindle flange makes contact with the crank arm.

Tighten the pedal spindle into a convenient position. Lastly, repeat the procedure to install the right side pedal.

Put the bike in an upright position then rotate the right crank arm. Insert the 8mm hex into the back of the pedal facing the back of the bike. Turn the spindle clockwise by applying a downward pressure to the hex wrench.

Continue turning anticlockwise to remove the pedal from the crank arm. Repeat the process to remove the left side pedal.

The process of installation and removal of crank brothers pedal is simple and easy to follow thus making it one of the ideal mountain bike pedals.

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Crank Brothers Mallet 3 Pedals

These pedals come in one size and are black and red in color. They weigh 0 499G per pair and 7.5 x 7.5 x 1.5 inches. They are Nylon Carbon reinforced with 8mm adjustable traction pins and a 15 Degree to 20 Degree release angle. They are specifically designed for Mountain Biking.

If you are looking for an elite downhill pedal that offers durability that is bombproof and crushing high-speed descents the Crank Brothers Mallet 3 Pedal design with a large platform allows you to push your limits on the trail.

Catering for gravity junkies, the Mallet 3 is a little larger than the average trail pedal. Beginners learning to clip in and out will benefit from its use. For quick dismounts on the trail, it offers 15 to 20 degrees of adjustable release and easy clipping into the Egg Beater retention system.

It keeps on running smoothly with the inner needle and outer cartridge bearings. Six adjustable traction pins on either side ensure sure-footed confidence, should you unclip on a treacherous stretch or no-fall zone.

These are great pedals! They cannot be faulted because they have been made stronger and more reliable.

They can have a large enough platform to be ridden with normal shoes and can be used with or without clips. They are not really designed for flat shoes as the clip protrudes a little from the pedal.

However, they run super smooth. These pedals appear smaller than you’d expect when they arrive but they need to be given a chance. The directions and the tension seem about right with the 15-degree setting. They are a big improvement over many other pedals and stand up to rigorous abuse regardless of the terrain you are covering.

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Shimano XT PD-M780 Mountain Pedals

The revised cleat interface, chrome-moly axle and lightweight forged alloy body of these Shimano pedals offer high performance and increased stability.

Friction is reduced and mud efficiently shed by the slim oval axle body housing. Slender and strong constructed spindle system with 8mm wrench mounting system.

A sealed cartridge axle system ensures low maintenance made simple and reliable. The cleat is held firmly in place and sufficient support is provided with the easy entry system and tension adjustment.

The carbon colored pedals weigh 343g and come in only one size. One pair of two bolt SPD cleats are included.

The Shimano XT pedal is designed for rigorous mountain bike racing and provides a generous platform for maximum power transfer, reliable and solid entry and exit and is lightweight. They also feature an incredible pedaling stability because of the increased surface contact area.

Although slightly heavier with a good weight, these pedals proved to be a great improvement to the old SPD’s and the XT’s engage without effort. The larger opening ensures that mud and snow clear quicker with hassle-free engagement.

Long lasting and with great free play, these pedals benefit your knees and ankles. It is also well suited to situations where clipping in and out quickly is important.

They proved to be considerably better pedals compared to their predecessors, with the same amount of abuse. This is a great off-road pedal, however, don’t be fooled by the fact that these are Mountain Pedals,’ they work just as well for road cycling.

These include a pair of two bolt SPD cleats. The pricing is a bargain since it is less expensive for a far better product.

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Diamondback Bigfoot Pedals

These classic BMX-style pedals feature larger Aluminum platforms with hardened chromoly axles. They weigh 3.88 ounces per pair and are available in -inch and 9/16-inch sizes.

They do not have reflectors. The precision-ground ball bearings and pressed traction pins are another part of the pedals durability and stability. If you have larger feet, this is the pedal for you.

The elevated traction of these pedals makes for excellent grip and width. Their good, solid construction ensures they are very strong and perfect for individuals who put a lot of force on their pedals.

They are heavy but that is because they are solid and long-lasting. This product is extremely durable and suited to people who are bigger, heavyweights and like to ride in rough terrain. These pedals are guaranteed to make the ride a lot safer and will not break regardless of how vigorous your mountain bike ride is.

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Gear Guide: How to Choose Mountain Bike Pedal

When choosing a mountain bike pedal, the most significant idea you need to have in mind is whether you need a clipless or a flat pedal.

Best Mountain Bike Pedals

The flat pedals are basically a platform for your foot; they are the same on both sides so that you don’t need to consider where any pedal faces before you start riding the bike.

The bigger the pedal the more massive the surface that a biker would step his/her foot on Clipless pedals, on the other hand, is more of a contradiction of the other pedal, what made this pedal to sale initially was the fact that those riders were able to through away the bumpy toe clips.

Since cycling makes us healthier and happier, it is a good idea to make sure we invest in the affordable mountain bike pedals. This will ensure that we are comfortable when we are out riding.

Bottom Line

Various types of the best mountain bike pedals are a requirement for different individuals who like to do serious cycling. Some may need pedals that are a lot stronger and durable than those who do minimal amounts of riding.

You would need to select your pedals according to the type of cycling you prefer. Group cycling is different to single cycling and has specific requirements. Some people cycle competitively and others do it for recreation. Whatever your reasons are for cycling it is a social activity that is meant to be enjoyed by all taking part.

How To Set Up Clipless Pedals

Whether you are a tourist or someone who likes to get around by riding a bike, having equipment that fits your size and is suitable for your body type is important if you want to experience a great ride without any hindrances.

The best clipless mountain bike pedals should be easy to install and remove. The material of the pedal should be durable to eliminate the cost of frequently replacing the pedals.

The pedals should be convenient and comfortable to ensure the biker does not suffer injuries and pains. They should also be affordable in terms of purchasing cheap bike price as well as the maintenance cost. In case, of damage to the pins or the axles, replacing pins and axles should be easily available and also easily replaceable.

Moreover, the type of pedal selected should maximize efficiency such as the conversion of the force exerted on the pedal into power used to propel the bike.

Another ideal accessory that can significantly improve your cycling experience is mountain bike gloves, check out our guide here.