Top Essential Tips To Be Successful in Cycling

Cycling is one of those activities that are both enjoyable and rewarding. I could go for a ride every day, but if you tell me to run every day, I quit! You can travel at a much faster pace on a mountain bike than when you are running.

When I am going at a faster speed, I feel much more accomplished and have more fun than when I am going at a slower speed. You can explore many more locations and travel much farther on a best quality bike than you can when you run for that same amount of time.

Nothing is worse than running for what seems to be forever and when you finally come to a stop, you can still see the location of where you started. When you go for a ride, you can explore what feels like half of the city, in the same amount of time you planned to run or walk.

On top of that, the wind in your face can help keep you cooled down so when you are exploring, you can look around and take in the scenery and say hello to people and still look decent. My favorite part about cycling is that when you decide to rest, you can be seated and still be traveling at a decent speed.

It is still exciting to be traveling fast enough that the scenery keeps my attention and I find that second wind much faster. When I am running, I come to a complete stop, sometimes involuntarily, to catch my breath. And I am only thinking about how I can call an ambulance. I am not side tracked by the new scenery like when I am on a raleigh bicycle.

Not only is cycling just flat out more enjoyable, but it comes with a very long list of health benefits. Some of these benefits include increased muscle strength, improved posture, increased cardiovascular fitness, improved coordination, decreased stress levels, increased flexibility, decreased body fat levels, strengthened bones, disease management, and prevention, etc.

It is a great alternative for injury rehabilitation as it is not as hard on the body as other activities are cycling can help you to live longer. This list could go on forever.

Essential Tips To Be Successful in Cycling

Here Are a Few Tips That I Would Like To Share With You To Be Successful in Cycling

Do not accept a challenge from your Grandmother to ride down a very steep hill without having your feet on the pedals, especially when the bicycle has coaster breaks.

This may result in traveling uncontrollably at a maximum speed directly into the curb at the bottom of the hill, which will throw you into gymnastic style front aerials, along with your raleigh bike, until you both unsuccessfully stick the landing.

Do not test your brand-new hand breaks by going as fast as you can and then slamming on the breaks.

This may cause the handlebars to attempt to puncture your neck while you are en route for gravel conveniently placed there by the spotting road construction crew.

Do Not Doubt Yourself or Abilities

Even when you are unsure and surrounded by a large number of strangers. When you are riding on that trail and that one pole is in the middle of the path, just trust that you have enough control to make it around the pole. If you doubt yourself, that may result in being the only rider to navigate directly into the pole, causing a three-bicycle pile-up.

Do Not Over Inflate Your Tires

I know that you want to air the tire up as much as possible, but please be aware of your tire pressure. Over-inflation may result in an extremely loud explosion while you are riding around your neighborhood that will not only frighten the life out of you but also frighten the life out of the lovely neighbors you were waving. This will also result in the walk of shame when pushing the bicycle back to your home.

Other Helpful Tips

  • Invest in padded shorts (your buns will thank you)
  • Wear a helmet. They may not always be the most fashionable accessory, but if it saves your life, it’s totally worth it
  • Wear protective eyewear. Now, here, you can most definitely get some fashionable stunner shades to not only look good in, but to protect those precious eyes from rocks, the sun, rain and even those pesky bugs
  • Stay hydrated. Drinking water before, during and after your exercise bike is very important
  • Inform someone when you are going on a long ride. Letting someone know where you are and where you are going will help ensure your safety
  • Freshen up your basic traffic-riding skills. Being able to alert nearby vehicles what your next move is clearly will force the other vehicles to be more attentive and will help you to be more assertive on the road
  • Keep a good posture. Hunching your shoulders and being stiff will lead to muscle soreness and fatigue. Change your position frequently to alternate the different muscles being stressed
  • Avoid riding at night. If you want to ride at night, wear bright colors and reflectors so that you will be seen in the dark

Cycling is a fantastic activity with countless health benefits. On top of all the fun you can have, the places you can visit while getting your exercise in, the wind blowing in your face, and all the health benefits your body will much appreciate, you will all around feel much better and you will looks good doing it!

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