Raleigh Bikes RX 2.0 Cyclocross Bike Review

Whether it’s your first, second or third time, getting a new bike can be a puzzling instance and usually comes with a whole lot of questions.

Before everything else, the first question to ask yourself would be, what are you planning to do with your bike?

Adventuring and racing would call for every unique model. Raleigh Bikes 2.0 has a complete host of bikes which serves the best interest of all your needs.

Ok, what is this different model? What are these unique features? Well, let’s check out.

Raleigh RX 2.0 Reviews and Feature


Ever thought of what the compact and easy light frame is made up of? Well, it is a constituent of the Raleigh dubs which has a direct connection to carbon fiber.

The bike is accompanied by a conical head tube and the most important thing is that it comes with a BB30 bottom bracket casing.

The steering is mounted with disc breaks in the front and the rear which are entirely covered by carbon. The rear breaks’ cables are channeled internally while the cable on the front brake is tangled to the fork.


The Raleigh cyclocross bike is conveyed with an SRAM force 1x groupset. The set remains to be the topmost chairing system.

The chain is made up of four two teeth which are covered with a 28 tooth covering. This seems to be a slender choice for more varied topographies.

A racer would be highly favored by the above specification, especially on flat terrain.


What about the wheels? Well, they are cole’s T38 cyclocross exact cylindrical and contain porcelain bearings. They contain a weight of 1.4 Kg. and are embedded in carbon rims. The rims come with a depth of 35 and 24.5 mm width to back broader cyclocross tires.

They are modeled interestingly with a spoke design such that, they contain a heavy ball at the hub end which can revolve in the hub extension, The spoke design is intended to escalate tension and allow an even distribution of forces.


When purchasing a bike, most of our intentions are tailored toward explorations and adventuring. Yap that is it, and for that reason, the Raleigh cyclocross bike is made up of these features. The nimble handling and the lightweight in it offer the best and easy way of negotiating barriers with a lot of courage and self-confidence.

When it comes to shouldering, no struggles are required. The top tube offers a chance to get a good grasp when manhandling, simply because, it is extensive, civilized and on that note, it is shallow.

Generally, the bike comes with a lot of, especially when riding on tarmac. In this case, the tires provide a lot of pressure for good distributions of power.

Most importantly, the light feature of the wheel allows the best condition for reaction with no flex. The gear is also positioned strategically for mixed conditions. , on the other hand, are very efficient and function with a light touch.

The cyclocross bike range constitutes 3 carbon and 5 aluminum mounted designs precise bikes.

raleigh rx 2.0 review


  • A superior spec
  • Extremely light
  • Easy to shoulder


  • Tread design not that much hard lined
  • Thin gear range

If you are seeking to race and find value in the benefits that come with SRAM’s 1 shifting and disc braking, then you are to put considerations in the Reigh cyclocross bike.

When exploring, adventuring or even racing, you are assured of marginal chain slaps, less or no stoppages and minimal chances of dropping the chain. The double tap shifting in SRAM might be an assimilated case; however, its single ring system offers advantages in the bumpy stuff.


It provides a lot of comfort over long distances and navigates perfectly on its 24.5 mm tires. The bike is a top spec, light and responsive but with a slender gear and parched climate tubs.

The ambitious rider who is looking to deepen their feet into leisure and sporting activities, without having to spend more, then Raleigh cyclocross bike is the best option.