Best Mountain Bike Saddle – 2019 Reviewed By Expert Riders!

Without the best bike saddle for you, any ride will definitely be uncomfortable.

Do you experience discomfort when cycling? If your answer is yes, then it is time to consider replacing your bicycle saddle.

The reason being that your bike’s saddle is to blame for the discomfort. With the right saddle, you can enjoy a smooth ride regardless of the distance. A Saddle is one of the most important parts of any bicycle.

Bikes such as mountain bikes in particular need more attention in this area. The very physicality involved in this kind of cycling means an uncomfortable saddle can cause lasting damage.

Based on a rider’s weight, sex and riding style, we have a solution. We have listed the top mountain bike saddles for any situation.

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Best Mountain Bike Saddles [2019]

Best Mountain Bike Saddle Reviews: Our Selection Process

How we choose what we choose, that’s the question come to your mind, I know. Let me clarify, making a list of best mountain bike saddles was as tough as riding a mountain bike. Why? The market is full of options, where most of the saddles are no good.

That’s why you are experiencing discomfort nowadays!

We analyze the entire market for a couple of days. Examine and test all the products, then provide a review here on the site.

To offset bias, we read hundreds of real customer reviews so we can provide the best solution.

Our authentic approach has helped thousands of people find the right product. Now let’s do the same by helping you find the best mountain bike saddles.

WTB Rocket Race 150 Saddle

The Rocket is a unique saddle by Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB) that will keep you comfortable in flat or hilly terrain. WTB Rocket Race 150 is a versatile bike seat that is popular for endurance and gravity riders alike. Pro, Team and Carbon models provide DNA padding and they are lightweight enough for speed lovers.

The Race and Comp versions of the Rocket saddle are great for cyclists who seeking top performance at modest prices.

Notable Features:

  • Chromoly rails
  • Flex-tuned shell, Microfiber cover, and flex-tuned shell
  • 288 Grams
  • Swooped tail
  • 150mm wide and 265 mm mid-length
  • DNA padding

This product was designed for men who love riding on the mountain, road and other types of terrain that would be difficult without a comfortable saddle.

The Chromoly rails make sure the seat is sturdy and strong enough to bear both your weight and tough terrain. At only 12 ounces, WTB Rocket allows you to go downhill at great speeds or tackle a hill with much ease.

It is easy to install and men are happy that WTB Rocket has a swooped tail for easy adjustment when the terrain changes. The ergonomic design also eliminates “thigh rub” when paddling, which is a common problem with similar products.

Using advanced technology, Wilderness Trail Bikes were able to create a bike seat that ensures comfort in difficult terrain. The Rocket’s design also increases comfort levels and helps to reduce pain after long rides.

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Planet Bike A.R.S. Classic bike seat

With the great aesthetic appeal, the ARS classic is fit for all cyclists including those with minimal riding experience. Planet Bike’s A.R.S (Anatomic Relief Saddle) is a very tolerant bike seat that can withstand long distances and constant changes in terrain, keeping the rider comfortable all the way.

Notable Features:

  • Soft Lycra cover
  • Abrasion resistant material on the side
  • Sit-bone gel pads
  • Flexible base
  • Weather-proof cover
  • Full-length middle recess with cut out
  • Steel rails

Choosing Planet Bike Men’s Classic A.R.S ensures great comfort especially for long distances. Its Sit-bone gel pads will cushion the rider’s pressure points while the full-length groove in its centre takes pressure away from your most vulnerable parts. Ultra-soft padding on this good mountain bike seat optimizes comfort.

The steel rails give extra strength to the Classic A.R.S saddle which also has a flexible base that you can adjust to being assured of a comfortable biking experience. At 14.6 ounces, the Classic Anatomic Relief Saddle may not be the lightest but road riders, freestylers, mountain riders, and weekenders still give the best performance for keeping them comfortable. The abrasion resistant material on the sides keeps your saddle in good shape and makes it last longer.

Planet Bike ARS Classic bike seat promises all riders a wonderful, lasting experience. Its ability to save your rump from a long bumpy ride means that the Classic ARS helps you enjoy your bike even more.

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Brooks Saddles England C15 Cambium Carved Saddle

C15 Carved is the racing model in the Cambium line by Brooks Saddle. It boasts all the advanced features that make Brooks a popular brand in addition to better relief for enthusiasts. Cambium C15 Carved is known as a practical saddle for the regular rider.

Notable Features:

  • Die-cast Aluminum chassis
  • Tubular steel rails
  • Vulcanized natural rubber
  • Organic cotton construction
  • Hammock construction

Brooks Cambium C15 Carved bike seat is ready to ride with a soft organic cotton top cover for comfortable seating. The vulcanized rubber base is an excellent addition to this model that makes it extra strong for enthusiastic racing. Its ergonomic design and dimensions make it light and comfortable for maximum speed and a painless journey.

Like the original C15, it has a narrow shape but for even more relief in the perinea! area, the Carved Cambium C15 has a cut-out. Brook’s signature “Hammock” design creates a damping effect which keeps the rider comfortably cool for the entire course.

Underneath the cotton cover is the die-cast aluminum frame with tubular steel rails that give the saddle more strength and ensure that it lasts a lifetime. It is a water-resistant product with much flexibility that makes it a winner among cyclists.

This is a good choice if you are not too concerned about the weight. The soft sit-bones padding makes it possible to ride long distances without experiencing pain. As a model designed for racing, Cambium C15 is made of strong materials to make it durable.

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Symwell Elastic Gel Suspension Bike Seat

This soft elastic gel suspension bike saddle is made of the highest quality materials available to ensure that it is strong, durable and most importantly, comfortable.

It is perfect for long rides owing to ingenious construction that keeps cyclists balanced through the journey. It was designed to aptly cushion all pressure points and keep the rider going at their choice speed.

Notable Features:

  • Hollow design
  • Breathable design
  • Elasticity PU leather and silicone gel
  • Shockproof design

You will indeed have a pain free ride to any destination with the Symwell Gel Suspension soft elastic bicycle seat. The silicone gel and PU leather combination on the cover make for increased comfort. Elasticity and breathable design on this saddle mean that you can keep going for a long time without experiencing discomfort to the sit-bone.

Your thighs are also protected thanks to a narrow construction that prevents friction between the seat and your thighs while pedaling. It is also great that this saddle has a hollow design to keep you cooler on long rides. It is also shock-proof to protect your backside from pain on a bumpy terrain.

Symwell’s Gel Suspension Bicycle saddle is ideal for all types of bikes and it is easy to install as it also includes a mounting wrench.

This saddle is the best choice for any rider who has been struggling with pain after cycling for many hours. It was made to perform best in tough terrain, making it a strong yet comfortable bike seat.

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WTB Speed Comp Saddle

WTB Speed Comp bike saddle is an exceptional product in its class and a popular choice for professional riders. As with all WTB products, the Speed Comp is made using high-quality materials that have been thoroughly tested for durability.

The WTB Speed Comp bike saddle can be used for recreation on the road or mountain trails. It is a unisex model fit for adults looking for a durable seat with sufficient padding.

Notable Features:

  • It weighs 365 grams
  • Soft-shell base
  • Ample padding
  • Great shape Steel rails and titanium base

The soft-shell base means that your rear side will be spared from the impact of bumps on the trail. WTB also equipped Speed Comp with enough padding to cushion pressure points for the duration of the ride.

For an even more comfortable ride, the saddle has a narrow frame to accommodate the rider without rubbing painfully o the thighs. The steel rails and titanium base make this one of the stronger, longer lasting saddles in the market.

Speed Comp by Wilderness Trail Bikes was designed with the passionate cyclist in mind. From the soft material to unique shape, it is certainly a bike for people seeking comfort at an affordable bike price.

In addition to keeping you comfy throughout the ride, Speed Comp promises to last long thanks to high-quality materials used in its construction.

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Fabric Scoop Elite Saddle

As the name suggests, Fabric scoop Elite Saddle is an elite brand that focuses on raising the standards of ease in riding. This new brand in the market has incorporated the latest saddle technology to achieve an amazing combination of comfort as well as performance.

The unique design is the best fit for smooth roads and gravel-bound tracks and it doesn’t matter where you ride, scoop provides the necessary versatility.

Notable Features:

  • Different shapes: flat, shallow and radius
  • Chromoly rails
  • Weather-resistant micro cover
  • Flexible nylon shell 142 x 282mm

Scoop is available in a variety of colors and the best part is that it also comes with a total of 3 varying shapes just to make it possible for any body type and size to enjoy the cozy saddle experience. The Elite saddle is incredibly strong and the fact that it has been designed for flexibility using lightweight nylon base makes it one of the best saddles for riders.

Solid Chromoly rails used as part of the saddle are essential since they provide shock absorbers to dampen the shocks from the seat post in cases when the trail is rugged. The saddle has a waterproof cover made from microfiber with the capacity to be used for up to a decade on tough terrain.

Elite saddles are popular for their unique and sporty shape which is efficient for any type of rider. The flat saddle is recommended for mountain bike riders who prefer shifting around the saddle, including the radius recommended for powerful riders who require less flexibility.

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Deruicent Thicken Bike Seat

Deruicent Soft Comfortable MTB Bike Seat Mat is a large and thick cushion that is comfortable and healthy for bikers. The materials used to come up with the product is of high quality which is critical in limiting friction in the inner thigh line.

Notable Features:

  • Large and thick plastic foam
  • Middle groove
  • Weight: 10.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 10x6x0.4inches

A bike seat saddle (included) A hollow groove at the lower part of Deruicent Mat reduces the temperature which is useful for long-distance tracking. Riders especially those on travel or leisure trips looking for a wide and comfortable saddle, should get the Deruicent seat.

Deruicent Saddle Mat has a thick plastic foam which reduces vibration and pressure on the buttocks to guarantee a smooth ride. The middle hole and groove have been incorporated to enable ventilation lower tension on the saddle when riding a bike.

PU leather, top quality steel, and sponge used to build Deruicent Saddle Mat increase elasticity including shock absorption making it a better remedy to help you relieve hip pressure.

The product’s ergonomic design and ease in the installation is also a factor that should be considered by any rider. It is easy to mount it and the best part is the fact that it has an anti-slip material that firmly holds the underside of the saddle it hardly slips even during the toughest of rides. The grip is so important for many reasons.

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OUTERDO Bike Saddle Mountain Bike Seat

OUTERDO is a breathable and comfortable bicycle seat with a central relief zone and an ergonomic design that has been proven to be fit for both road and mountain biking.

The moment you get OUTERDO it will be the moment you end pain and discomfort. The seat is not only comfortable for the rider but also provides a perfect experience for fun riding.

Notable Features:

  • Material: Leather, Polyurethane, and steel
  • Color: Variety
  • Dimensions: 2.4x6x105inches
  • Weight: 0.7 pounds
  • A bike seat saddle (included)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to wash
  • Reliable and durable

OUTERDO Saddle has an exceptional groove design that has revolutionized the whole concept of bicycle seats. The groove is important for any rider looking to have a healthy back, ideal ventilation and a free-to-move front side that is narrow.

OUTERDO is the best option for long-distance riders since the pressure and friction within the inner thighs are limited. A center cutout has also been included to offer pressure relief as well as air ventilation.

OUTERDO saddle seat is made from a durable leather material that is sweat-resistant, water-proof, and anti-tear. Skid resistance on both sides makes it more comfortable and a high-density foam padding is also part of the final product. Whether you are buying it for men, women or kids, OUTERDO saddle is a lightweight and durable design that is suitable for all

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Mens Padded Bicycle Saddle

Rideroo is a product built for men! This is a seat that is padded with a soft cushion and made from top quality leather material able to withstand any terrain. Rideroo is a hybrid and stationary exercise partner for any active soul out there.

Designed with the main consideration of man’s unique anatomy, the saddle has the inclusion of a pressure relief channel situated at the central part of the saddle. Apart from comfort, the central groove provides extra performance for the rider.

Notable Features:

  • Comfortable seat
  • Water-proof
  • Mounting tools
  • Seat adapter
  • Tested and proven
  • Info-packed eBook
  • Dimensions: 102x7x.9inches
  • Weight: 155 ounces

Having Rideroo is an upgrade recommended by cycling pros and trainers. Short and moderate distance lovers have the opportunity to have an exceptional bike seat that is well padded. This padding technology has been used in modern saddles to help absorb shocks guaranteeing comfort in riding the cheap mountain bikes.

Rideroo saddle’s price is cheaper compared to most saddles yet it relatively easy to install and provides a rare comfort to any man. Many men who have ridden on the seat compliment the product for its weight, size, and coziness. The set of accessories received together with the saddle are ideal for any bike owner not leaving out the detailed instructional material included to aid in assembly.

Whether you decide to install on a road bike, stationary or MTB saddle, Rideroo is a cozy seat that is versatile. The company also provides a 12-month money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product.

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DAWAY C99 Memory Foam Padded Leather Wide Bicycle Saddle

DAWAY is a wide comfortable men and women bike seat built from foam padded leather and cushioned with a taillight. It is a waterproof, soft, dual spring, and breathable seat with a perfect elasticity providing a healthier and more comfortable ride.

The seat is durable and the makers ensured that the user requirements are delivered in the final product. Most riders don’t realize that the main cause of back pains and seat pain is having the wrong saddle cushion. DAWAY is one of the few companies with the best facilities and brains that have made the saddle what it is today.

Notable Features:

  • Soft non-slip resistant
  • Rail Clamp
  • Quality guarantee
  • Bright tail light
  • Dimensions: 11x35x8.7inches
  • Weight: 1.95 pounds

DAWAY C99 has been padded by a thick and high-density foam as one of the ways to protect your hips. The material is not only durable but elastic and soft to sit on.

Safety is considered as part of the whole DAWAY design where an eye-catching tail light is integrated with super bright LEDs. This can be seen both at night and during the rainy season by drivers, riders, and pedestrians.

A hollow breathable design is also part of DAWAY where the rider can enjoy healthy and comfortable long-distance rid. Friction is also reduced thanks to the narrow front design allowing the thighs to move freely.

The rail clamp has the standard size that is used universally making it fit on almost every entry level bike. This is design is for standard seat-posts used on different types of bikes for men, women, and kids.

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Those are by far the best mountain bike saddles in the market. All of those are made of premium quality materials to ensure a maximum level of comfort and durability. But before you open up your wallet, please read the below section. We are going to share some tips about purchasing the right saddle according to your need.

Buying Guide: How To Choose Mountain Bike Saddle

Bike saddles can influence how much you enjoy a bike ride. The perfect saddle must be suitable for your gender, riding frequency and price point.

To make sure you’re getting a quality product for the money you spend, you need to know a little. Before you buy yours it’s important that you consider the following:

Best Mountain Bike Saddle


The shape of a saddle will influence its comfort. Ideally, the broadest section of a saddle supports your sit bone. Therefore, a good saddle should be broad and not narrow.

However, it is important to note that the width of the saddle will depend on a rider’s gender. For women, a short broader saddle is ideal while for men a longer narrower saddle will do. If you adopt an aggressive position, it is wiser to go for a narrower saddle.


Contrary to popular belief more padding does not always translate to a more comfortable ride. For regular riding, medium padding will offer sufficient comfort. One of the important features to consider in a saddle is the cut-out. Also, saddles with gel inserts are not always ideal.

For short rides, a gel-filled saddle will be ideal. However, for long rides, the gel will be compressed and pushed to the edge of the saddle or in the center. This results in all kinds of discomforts. Therefore, for a long distance, a gel-filled saddle will not be ideal.

Cover Material

While leather is the best material for making a saddle cover, it is expensive. This has made some manufacturers resort to using cheaper synthetic materials.

If you have the money you can invest in a good quality saddle with a leather cover. However, if you are on a budget there are good saddle out there. It is important that you check the seams of the cover to ensure there is no chafe.

If you ride a mountain bike go for a saddle with a hard-wired cover. This is because mountain bikes are more likely to suffer crashes and need to be hard enough to survive them.


You will need a lightweight saddle if speed is of importance to you. The heavier saddles tend to slow down a bike, thereby reducing performance for those who would rather go fast.


The perfect saddle should be narrow enough to allow riders to sit without discomfort. Narrower saddles are popular as they help to prevent thigh rubbing.


Modern technology allows for the creation of bike saddles that are sensitive to the users’ anatomy. You can easily find saddle models with special features for men and women.

Rail Material

Originally, steel was the predominant material used in the making of saddle rails. Today, however, manufacturers have shifted to using titanium and carbon fiber. Rails made from carbon fiber are light and thus offer more comfort compared to steel rails. Thus, it is advisable to go saddle with rails made from either titanium or carbon fiber.

Steel, titanium and die-cast aluminum are the common materials used to make the frame for bike saddles. Each material has unique elements that make the saddle good for your needs.

Padding Material

Different materials used to cushion your backside react differently to weight. While shopping, ensure that the padding material will last many uses. Some materials feel very soft at first, only to lose the cushioning power after a few uses, exposing your most sensitive parts to the rough frame.


The fastest selling saddles are those with a flexible or adjustable base. This allows a rider to switch sitting positions to achieve maximum comfort.

Weather Resistance

It is important to have a saddle with weatherproof covers if you are keen on saving money. Direct exposure to the sun or rain causes rust and fading, all of which are cues to get a replacement.

If you buy a saddle using this guide, chances are that you will take home one of the top brands in the industry. These are uniquely designed to last long and most importantly, to help you ride comfortably on the preferred terrain.


The key to choosing the best mountain bike saddle is going for competitive saddles.

They need to be durable, lightweight and most of all – comfortable.

We are wrapping up today with our saddle reviews.

Best of Luck!