Take Tips to Settle on an Ideal Mountain Bike

Do you want to take up biking as a sport or a means of exercise? If the answer is yes then you need to choose an good mountain bike which will serve you well on both rough trails and roads. There are several types of bikes to choose from.

This makes shopping for a bike quite intimidating especially if you are not familiar with some of the technical terms used To make your shopping experience better. Here are some take tips to settle on an cheap mountain bike.

Take Tips to Settle on an Ideal Mountain Bike

Best Tips to Settle on an Ideal Mountain Bike


As a beginner, buying a basic model is a good decision especially if you are planning to use it occasionally like over the weekends. Opt for cross country or XC range since it has great versatility on a wide range of terrains. It is a multipurpose bike and hence highly suitable for beginners.

As you advance in riding, buy a more affordable mountain bike to use on rough trails or even for biking competitions. A good choice would be downhill and trail category of bikes since they have greatly specialized components suitable for expert cyclists.


Mountain bikes are found in wide variety of prices, styles and quality. While you are out looking for a bike, remember to keep your budget in mind.

Always remember that quality is a major consideration and it goes together with cost. Buy from shops that offer significant discounts and those that offer follow-up services or custom adjustments in case your bike needs them.

To save some money, you may consider shopping for your entry level mountain bike during summer and spring seasons. This is because bikes are on high demand during this time.

This fact can be attributed to the nice weather which entices people to buy best mountain bikes. It, therefore, goes without saying that dealers offer promotions, big discounts, and even free gadgets to attract more customers.


Mountain bikes are available in different styles. They are designed to suit different riding and terrain styles. Mountain bikes usually have lightweight, strong frames, robust tires and several bike gears. All of these features make them suitable for mountainous land or rough terrain.

These bikes differ from other recreational bikes such as touring, comfort and cruiser bikes in this aspect. It is therefore important to know why you are buying a mountain bike and which terrain you intend to ride it mostly on the knowledge will help you to buy the best bike that ideally suits your individual needs.

 Full Suspension Vs Hard Tail Mountain Bike

full suspension bike is a bit more expensive but if you can accommodate the extra cost in your budget then it is well worth it. However, if you are working with a limited budget, a hardtail bike which has no rear suspension will be more affordable for you since it is cheaper.

The full suspension bike is heavier but it is more preferred for its ability to offer more shock absorption. On the other hand, hardtail bike is lighter and hence it travels more efficiently.

Your decision to choose one of the two types should be informed by the terrain you are intending to ride your comfortable bike on.


Doing some research before buying a bike is highly recommended. Browse through online customer reviews to see what others are saying about your preferred product. This will help you to know its pros and cons according to the descriptions.

You will, therefore, be able to make an informed decision on whether you can live with the negatives and whether the bike is good value for your money. When you have no enough information, your decision can easily be influenced by vendors who are out to make quick cash.

Test Riding

It is very important to test ride a bike before paying for it During the test, the bike ought to feel comfortable. Ensure that the bike fits your purpose and works with your budget. There are those for downhill riding, pleasure trail riding, trail riding and cross country riding.

You should have a good platform for your testing. This is because if you test a downhill riding bike on a regular trail, you will get different results making your shopping experience a very hard and complicated one.

Bottom Line

When you consider your level of experience, your budget, full suspension Vs hardtail bike review, style, research findings and test riding findings, you will most definitely settle on a mountain bike of your dreams. The above take tips to settle on an ideal mountain bike allows you to bike longer and harder like a real pro.

It also helps you to prevent injuries and keep fit. Always remember that different bikes have different components. Choose a bike that is equipped with the components which will make your riding experience easier and more fun.

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