Best Bicycle Phone Mount – To Keep Protect Your Phone and Enjoy Your Rides!

Are you looking to have the best bicycle phone mount? Nowadays, it is hard to imagine life without your mobile device. Phones have UPS tracker and play music.

For you to avoid unnecessary accidents that comes with using your device while riding, a phone mount comes in handy. It is convenient and helps you keep safe. With these bicycle mounts, you can enjoy riding your bike as your mobile device or iPad is mounted on your bicycle fore thrilling ride.

The phone mount allows you to have an incredible experience as you ride your bicycle. The mounts have adjustable clamps positioned within reach. You can easily access the full phone screen.

Having a bicycle phone mount is convenient not to mention the fumble of looking for your device as you ride. It will keep the device mounted on a silicone band for safety even from the rough terrain.

However, there is a solution to this. Through a selection of these excellent bicycle phone mounts; anyone would get to catch up on the latest happenings anytime, anywhere.

Best Bicycle Phone Mount – 2018 Reviews

Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount

This phone mount comes in three silicone band colors (black, red and grey), so you can fit in any band to your top mountain bike according to your style and still have two more as your back-up. It has a flexible design. You can rotate and adjust to any angle or position you like with the socket design and the special ball.

It comes with an extra secure and long adjustable clamp that has silicone band grips. This is to firmly hold and grip the large phones like iPhone 6 and iPhone. The phone mount is strategically positioned within reach allowing you full-screen access. Your entire screen, the buttons, and the sound jack are reachable without having to unmount the phone to use it.

Carrying all types of mobile devices, this universal phone mount can fit any handheld tool of up to 3.7 inches in width. It has a simple interface that allows anyone to set it up on the bike in just under two minutes, and the best part of it is that the entire screen would be fully accessible to the user.

There are no obstructions on the mount and it can even be twisted or rotated to any angle, 360 degrees guaranteed! And with its super-secure fastenings, no one would ever worry about having their devices accidentally fall off the mount anymore its clamps have been proven to provide extra grip and its silicone material ensures a slip-free hold on any phone.

Bike & Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount

It has shock absorbing rubberized clip. The clip has silicone belts grips for extra security of your device. The band wraps around all the four corners of the cellphone of any size. It enables you to have full access to your device as you are riding.

The sturdy support materials of this phone mount variety would make anyone relax when it comes to having a tool that would help them set their devices on their bikes or motorcycles.

Made out of very durable silicone belt grips with rubberized clips, anyone would enjoy riding without fearing that their phones would fall off when they’re not looking. After all, it has a shock-absorption technology. Which means that any literal bump or hole in the road would not destroy your expensive devices.

You are able to use your screen, buttons, and jack for music. No need to unmount your phone. Your hands are on the handlebar and your phone is 100% safe.

It comes with an adjustable grip with 360 degrees rotation freedom. You adjust your mobile or Pad in any position with the bracket design and the specialized rubber ball. 360-degree adjustable port, you can definitely still check the latest events being flashed in your devices no matter what angle you might be at while riding your lightweight mountain bike.

This guarantees perfect viewing capacity of your phones no matter where the sun may be shining at, and the glare wouldn’t prevent you from actually utilizing your phone with the word “safety” plastered in every aspect.

What size of a device does this phone mount fit? The holder provides any device of up to 3.7 inches wide and all the handlebars from 0.6 to 1.4 inches in diameter. It is easy to mount on any bicycle with the tubular handlebars.

Roam Universal Phone Mount

Although this bike phone mount is rather limited when it comes to being fitted to handlebars only has the capability to adjust 7/8” – 1-1/4” inches diameter, it still boasts of a sturdy and tight hold between the device clasp and the actual support connected to the bars.

It has a secure grip and a large clamp. The co-pilot securely mounts the mobile phone to the bicycle handlebars with the help of a robust plastic grip with silicone net. The silicone band secures each corner of your mobile is well secured.

It is made from sturdy and premium plastic material supported by silicone and rubber. Not only will your phone be placed in secure hands but the six points of contact assures that your phone will truly be held steadily in place despite any obstructions in the road.

What size of a device does this phone mount fit? It has a universal bike phone mount. It securely fits any phone of up to 3.5 inches wide. It is capable of holding Phone 6s, iPhone 7, Galaxy S7 Edge and HTC 10.

TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder

While the very funky and attractive combination of black and orange would make just about anyone is attracted to this phone holder, the good stuff of this tool isn’t only limited to that.

It has multiple protections with non-slippery rubber grips of the bicycle. The phone mount holds the device all round and protects it from accidental falls.

This phone mount can secure larger phones of up to 3.94 inches in width, and with the rubber grips that would ensure your device both on the left and right sides, swiveling in your rides wouldn’t be that stressful.

Quick and easy to install, the user will just have to screw the flipper onto the bike, and the phone mount can be removed by hand alone. This also has the added security of a phone lock, and a simple push of the button will easily separate your devices from the mount.

As is with other varieties, the TaoTronics version can be rotated in 360-degree angles, so you’ll never have to worry about adjusting your phone view to get the best possible sight anywhere.

It is practical and useful in keeping your device within reach. It has a foam carpet that has a soft cushion that prevents your phone from receiving scratches or nicks.

What size of the device does this phone mount fit? The gadget is compatible with most devices as wide as 1.97 to 3.94 inches. The phone holder frees your hands and you hardly miss on any fun on your exciting ride.

Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount

Whether it would be just a stroll in the park or an extreme race up the mountains and down the terrifying slopes, the Caw. Carphone mount is the best product you can ever dream of having on your mountain bike.

It comes with an adjustable grip with 360 degrees rotation. You can adjust your mobile device from any angle and you enjoy your ride. It is shock absorbing and extra secure. It has rubberized clips that have silicone belts for gripping your device securely.

The band wraps all the four corners of any device. So, in extreme races, the phone is very secure. It gives you full access to the screen and the sound jack. There is no need to unmount the device to use it

The device’s durability might be reflected in the heavier weight of 6.6 ounces, but don’t be dismayed! The mount rubber grip on all sides and the silicone belts make up for it, and you’ll never have to worry about tinkering for hours just to get this attached because all you’ll ever need for installation are your hands.

What size of the device does this phone mount fit?

It’s black and grey color combination fit just about any personality, the holder fits any device up to 3.7 wide and fits all handlebars from 2.0 to 1.6 in diameter.

best bicycle phone mount

Bottom Line

If you are a bicycle rider enthusiast, having bicycle holder to access your phone as you are riding is convenient. Reasons? If you live an active lifestyle, you will need to have access to your device app that is designed for a cycle.

They all contain the materials fit for a very sturdy holding: silicone, rubber, and plastic, so the combination of these highly assures anyone that their phones and other handheld devices would not face any damages while traveling down the dirt road.

The bicycle phone holder helps to keep you from getting distracted while on the trail. They make it easier to access your screen and enjoy music without any difficulty. Still, they give the biker the advantage of using GPS.

Even better, bicycle mounts are adjustable to a 360 degrees to the preferred position. So, get the best bicycle phone mount that is appropriate with your device and takes on the trail!

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