GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Review

I am an ardent fan of mountain biking and this time I was looking for something that is not quite expensive and can offer an awesome experience. This is the main reason I decided to settle on this GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike.

One of the few things I enjoyed about this bike is the fact that first of all unlike my regular bikes, this one was pocket-friendly.

Secondly, assembly was basic which mainly entailed attaching the front wheel, the pedals, the handlebar and the seat. The rest was preassembled which made the process simple.

Therefore, to be concise and to the point, here is my take on GMC Topkick Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike.

GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Review

This bike is a 21-speed Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes meant to make your riding as comfortable as possible no matter the kind of trail you are using.

Moreover, it has a 26-inch full suspension frame which offers additional cushioning during those intense and bumpy rides.

It also has a dual suspension mechanism MTB which can be rated the best of the best since it guarantees the rider high levels of comfort and safety like no other.


The GMC Topkick Suspension Mountain Bike was solely crafted to meet the needs of most consumers. One of its unique features includes the Full suspension Frame. Unlike most bikes, this one has a beautiful, durable and strong frame designed with aluminum due to its lightweight.

This bike has a quality design supplemented with a zoom suspension fork-spring technology for proper shock absorption. It also has an ” integrated micro shift push shifters” to control the derailleur Shimano TZ-30GS. This helps in ensuring that you travel at your own speed without any limit.

There are also “micro shifters” which guarantees that you can switch between gears with ease. This classic bike from GMC also has quality brakes that can work efficiently in both muddy and wet conditions.

The other unique feature about this bike is its sturdy aluminum wheelset which has high “flange alloy hubs” coupled with a V-shape profile to ensure a smooth and an affordable bike ride.


  • Can comfortably take over any kind of terrain with less risk
  • Disk brakes work perfectly in both muddy and wet conditions Cons
  • There are only a few shops in the market that carry its deep V inter-tubes
  • The entrance and the back suspension of this bike include a unique feel for your ride
  • Nothing is as important as quality breaks which work perfectly which are evident on this bike
  • It has a sharp and receptive back derailleur accompanied with a fairly fast and simple assembly
  • The shifters on this mountain bike need to be adjusted on a regular basis. What makes this bike Unique?
  • Even though its frame is made of aluminum, so many additions make it end up pretty heavy (38pounds) for the rider
  • This Mountain Bike has a decent, appealing, unique and high-quality construction that mostly attracts anyone who sees it
  • Even though it has a very good back derailleur, the front one is said to not trail worthy. This reduces its efficiency and reliability significantly

GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Review

One of the things that set this bike apart from others is its versatility. This is one of the things most people admire about this bike. You will also come to realize that as long as it is taken good care of, it will never disappoint you when it comes to performance.

Moreover, it is not expensive and is sturdy and comfortable. These facts coupled together with the unique features of this bike from GMC make it a top-notch product on the market.

Bottom Line

After observing all the features, pros and cons of this legendary bike. I can comfortably conclude that this bike is definitely a force to reckon with It creates a serious competition for bike brand legends such as Schwinn, Trek, and Diamondback.

Even though it is not my first bike but I can guarantee you it is the perfect entry level bike for any novice rider. It is safe, fast and above all very comfortable.

Generally, for the price you pay for it, you get the best value for your money and I am certain beginners and casual riders will find this bike very useful.