SE Hard Tail Mountain Bicycle Review

If you are an admission level type of biker in mountain trailing, then you require a bike, which is designed with high-quality features at an affordable price. To acquire such a bike, you have to consider many vital factors, such as its design, size, braking power and the comfort.

It is highly improbable that you will acquire all these features in a single mountain bike. If you are fortunate enough to acquire the one, it will most likely be ahead of your budget. To bridge this gap, Bicycle Plus offers you SE Hard Tail Mountain Bicycle, which is precisely what you yearn for.

Whether you are a novice or a veteran mountain trekker, the Big Mountain 24-rate SE Hardtail Mountain Bike will offer you all these features.

What This Mountain Bicycle Offers You?

The SE Bikes Big Mountain 24-rate Hard Tail Mountain Bicycle is salvage to everybody, who is seeking a good bike at an affordable price.

If you are in the market, aggravated by the inconsiderate prices of affordable bikes, then it is obvious that you have not come across this immense product.

Its cost tag is exceptional in its way and allows a better quality product to put forth the customers in the market, who feel differentiated from other manufacturers.

The major reason for choosing this cheap mountain bike is that it is a blend of fair prices and ultimate excellence, which is rare to find in the current market.

Another major reason to choose this bike is that it comes with a lightweight, yet sturdy frame, which is made of SE binary-butted alloy, allows you to handle it easily.

Moreover, its compact dimensions, such as 35″ (L) x 23.5″ (W) x 30″ (H) occupies less space in your home when compared to other analogous bikes available on the market. It also comes equipped with high-quality suspensions to offer you a smooth ride, irrespective of the terrain.

The 24-speed, Shimano EF-40 EZ-Fire gears allows you to have better control over your ride. The 29-inch wheels of the bicycle allow you to climb the hill easily and efficiently. The mechanical front and back disk brakes of the product offer you a safe ride on different terrains.

Above all, the simple design of the 24-rate SE Hard Tail Mountain Bicycle makes it a good admission entry level bike.

SE Hard Tail Mountain Bicycle Review

The major features are the ones that will make any mountain bike an immense product. These characteristics will take the impact in and will manage all the strain. Here are some of the beneficial features of the SE Bikes Big Mountain 24-pace Hard Tail Mountain Bicycle.

SE Bikes Big Mountain Bike

Immense Frame

This SE bike features a semi-incorporated frame that makes the outline attractive and durable in nature.
With the double-butted alloy framework, the whole bike becomes a frivolous product and trouble-free to control. Through this feature, you will shun irksome rides, particularly during long distance rides.

Amazing Fork

As this is a Hard Tail mountain bicycle, the fork is situated at the front only. However, with the 100-mm trek is included at the front of this bicycle, you will get a comfortable ride on uneven trails. This makes your riding amazing, irrespective of the trails that you would like to try out.

Outstanding Brakes and Shifters

The SE Hard Tail Mountain Bike uses 24-rate smooth Shimano shifters, which are competent to work at a fast rate. This develops an easy experience while traveling along your tracks. You can count on sturdy and well-performing brakes all through your ride.

Huge Wheels

This wonderful mountain bicycle comes equipped with huge wheels, wearing large tires that offer immense benefits. First, the bike can present you a high-velocity ride. The huge diameter of large tires makes it probable for them to travel a long distance over smaller amount cycles.

The next benefit is that these tires make it promising for immediate breaks. With huge tires, the bike grip on both ends is improved and the velocity is broken.


For this kind of bicycle, you are able to choose the height you would like to ride on. This mountain bicycle guarantees the customer an ultimate comfort during riding. Through this well-designed bicycle, you will be capable of avoiding the resist so long as you make a shrewd choice.

Bottom Line

Having got through the product intensely, from the beneficial characteristics to the pros and cons, you will understand that this is the only mountain bike that comes under the category of finest bikes available. If you focus on its category in terms of cost, you may understand this as a trick.

The SE Bikes Big Mountain 24-velocity SE Hard Tail Mountain Bike is cheaper than other analogous products available in the market. The product’s well-performing brakes are trustworthy and they will boost your safety.

The bike comes with durable parts that allow you to use the bicycle over a longer period and its compact size would relieve you about storage facilities, as well.

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